Trojan T605 vs. T105 – Which Is the Best for You?

Suppose you have a motorhome, RV, or car. I am sure you understand the benefit of performing proper maintenance on your vehicle. Cleaning the Trojan battery should be done inside out always. Also, always inspect the engine and tires to see if there is any issue.

Refill the engine you are using with oil, and always ensure that the tires are taken good care of according to the PSI ratings. Proper maintenance of your batteries will guarantee durability and higher performance.

Most of the batteries you purchase in the market come from TrojanTrojan. It comprises the T125, T105, and T605. If you are having difficulty differentiating the batteries, this is the best article that suits your needs. I have explained all the essential tips to help you know the difference. Read the answers to the frequently asked questions and finally read the conclusion to get an overview of the article.

Quick comparison table

Trojan T605Trojan T105Amazon products
Mostly small in sizeHave a larger sizeCheck amazon for the best Trojan t605 battery
Water-resistantNon-water resistantCheck amazon for the best Trojan t205 battery
It uses a voltage of 20 voltsVoltage up to 250 voltsCheck amazon for the best trojan t 875 golf cart batteries.

Differences between Trojan t605 vs. t105

1. Trojan T605

trojan t605 vs t105

The TrojanTrojan is a well-known organization famous for its high-quality production of batteries for decades. From my experience, all the batteries this company produces are high-quality batteries with adorable features. Giving points about the T605, it is a small battery occasionally used for golf carts.

The battery has an overall voltage of 20 volts, which you can use. When choosing a gadget for your vehicle, the user must check all the critical features needed. Check amazon for the best trojan battery t605 battery.

The reason is that the Trojan company has focused on manufacturing batteries for vehicles like golf carts and boats.

The ratings needed by a vehicle vary. Looking at this, you will know the amount of current the battery can release. If the present given by the storm matches your needs and runs smoothly in your vehicle, then purchasing this battery is good.

Water resistance is one of the best features of the battery. The reason is that it is planned based on marine life utilization.

The batteries are mostly small in size, making them portable. You can still position the batteries in one location in the vehicle, and you don’t have to worry about storage space.

2. Trojan T105

Trojan T105

The Trojan T105 is the most popular selection I advise users to go for in the market. However, you will notice that all the batteries have the same plan and design. Just by looking at the color of the two batteries of the models, it is maroon. Although, with the Trojan T105 model, the company has raised the ratings of the current to 250 volts. Check amazon for the best Trojan t105 battery.

The values are a bit higher than the previous Trojan T605 model. That means it has the capability of adding some other gadgets to the system. It is always to remember that when the power increases, it is relatively proportional to the weight of the battery.

The Trojan T105 weighs around 62 pounds which becomes hard to lift with one hand. There is no handle on the battery to help you raise it.

Additionally, the measurements of the battery have also increased with the power, making it impossible to install in your vehicle.

The cost of the Trojan T105 model, mainly the place you will be purchasing your battery, matters a lot. Different websites and dealers sell the batteries at different prices. And some sell at low costs as compared to others. In comparison, others can be more expensive. However, the approximate price for the Trojan T105 model is $180.

More on Trojan T105

The Trojan T105 batteries help you to move to your needed destinations if you are boating around a lake or traveling in your RV. Since the early 1920s, Trojan has met the demand of what the people want—primarily used in golf cars, solar utility vehicles, and recreational boaters.

Below is a dome of the features of the Trojan T105 batteries:

  • Helps in lifting heavy weight in tight areas.
  • The large vent caps available minimize the chances of acid leakage.
  • Simple drop is changing for the same team-style battery.

Trojan compatibility

Trojan compatibility

Trojan understands the benefit of battery maintenance and its effect on the life span of that battery. The Trojans Hydro link single-point battery watering system gives essential features that are not present now:

  • Independent water level indicator

Hydro Link is an independent, non-mechanical water indicator that is easy to read. White shows that the battery has not enough water, and black indicates the battery has enough water.

  • Safety

Hydro Link has internal and external flame arrestors. Hence it is the best watering system in the company.

  • Cost-effective

Hydro link helps to limit time and money by filling a good number of batteries within a minute. When watering is appropriately done, the hydro link increases the battery’s life.

  • Guaranteed

The hydro link is tested and guaranteed to work appropriately with the Trojan batteries. It gives a 4-year warranty to its customers.

After a short while, you will get the highest performance and durable batteries.

Similarities between Trojan t605 vs. t105

Trojan T605 and Trojan T105 batteries are used in golf carts categorized in different forms. Flooded Lead Acids are batteries that work with the help of water.

Another type is AGM Lead Acid Batteries and Gel Lead Acid Batteries. In most golf carts, Flooded Lead Acid batteries are available there. Flooded batteries are best; however, you can change them if you want to do something different.

How to charge Golf Cart with an Automotive battery charger

How to charge Golf Cart with an Automotive battery charger

Step 1

Open the golf cart to view the batteries. The battery is a 36-volt golf cart having a 36 voltage. With the help of the socket wrench, disconnect the batteries connected. A user can finalise the procedure by terminating the connection on each red positive battery cable. Hence, the release of three pairs of 6-volt batteries.

Step 2

Check the battery charger to ensure it has a voltage of 12 volts. Connect the batteries as recommended. To ensure the power comes out from the connection.

Step 3

Power on the battery charger as the charging takes two 6-volt batteries at a certain period. Exercise the same steps, 2 and 3, for every pair of batteries. Another thing to do is connect the battery pairs with an available jumper wire. The action helps to charge the batteries at the same time.

Absorbent Glass Mat Technology

AGM is the latest lead-acid battery that helps in the production of power to help to run the higher electrical demands for today’s vehicles.

AGM batteries are primarily resistant to vibration and non-leakages and are appropriately maintained. It helps for better cycling run, minor gassing, and acid leakage than lead acid batteries.

AGM battery benefits

  • Higher mounting flexibility
  • No leakages and higher maintenance
  • No vibration experienced
  • Runs high electrical loads
  • Built for harsh climates and lousy weather
  • It has a long-life expectancy as compared to standard flooded batteries
  • Charges faster, and it extends the life cycle
  • Good for start-stop activities

AGM battery disadvantages

  • It has a higher initial investment

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Is 100ah enough for a golf cart?

Yes. If you use a 48v 100ah Lithium ion golf cart battery, their tiny size and lightweight make it the best selection for golf carts. However, the small size and light weight make them not the best.

  • Should I put Lithium batteries in my golf cart?

Using a lithium battery in a golf cart helps the cart to benefit by increasing the weight and performance. Lithium batteries are smaller compared to the traditional lead acid battery.

  • Can I replace the lead acid battery with lithium-ion on a golf trolley?

Yes, that is right to replace the correct lead acid or lithium battery. It has an in-built standard having a T-bar connection which shows that the battery is in line with the golf brands like the Go Kart.

  • Can you use 12-volt deep cycle batteries in a golf cart?

A 12-volt deep cycle battery gives the power to run and propel an electric golf cart. Deep cycle batteries are built to push as low as 20 percent of total capacity.


Most manufacturers offer a great way of sorting the batteries’ prices. A good battery has enough power, is in line with hybrid vehicles, and poses a quick recharge rate. Remember, all the Trojan batteries are good to use; the only difference comes with your specifications.

Always choose a battery that matches the needs you want. The tasks you want to undertake also depend on your battery. I believe now you can understand the critical features of the two batteries. From now you can make the right choice for your vehicle. In case of confusion, seek clarification from various sources.

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