Track Bar vs. Sway Bar – Quick Comparison

If you see the axle is unstable, and it’s moving sideways, or maybe you start to feel some vibrations from the chassis, which is a sign of faulty Jeep Death Wobble. This is an indication that it is time to change the track bar. If you are trying to correct your suspension to change your Wrangler’s height, it is vital to ensure that the track bar is the correct length for a

The track bar and sway sound similar, but their work is slightly different. The Wrangler you have does not guarantee safety and comfort when driving. It is a 4*4 trucks that have been built with severe hardware directed for non-road activities. From what I have said, Wranglers nowadays are essential, and the modification is digitalized, and the sway bar on the front part enables spruce up the vehicles on the road. Minimizing the body lean helps for a more excellent road feel and handling. Sway bars can be hindered, although not functioning on the trail.

If you have been searching for the similarities and differences between the sway bar and track bar, then this article fits your needs. Kindly read and learn some of the information you don’t know about the two undercarriage assets and how they work on Jeep 4*4. Check for the solutions to the frequently asked questions and, lastly, the conclusion.

Differences between the Track bar and Sway bar

1. Work on the track bar

Track Bar vs. Sway Bar

Many people say that the Death Wobble should be discouraged. This happens when the track bar bushing, brackets, or collars result in vibration, pushing the front axle from the sides as the wiggling starts of the original position of the Jeep.

However, hardly a problem on company-stock Jeeps, the chances of the Death Wobble happening is high on custom suspensions if it is maintained in good care to keep everything in place. The best working track bar, called the Panhard rod, acts as a solution to keep the problem from happening. If you lift and lower the Jeep, it is good to create adjustments to the track bar to help the overall platform work properly.

Quick difference table between the track and sway bar

Track barSway barAmazon products
Also known as Panhard barsAlso known as the anti-roll barCheck Amazon for the best track bar
Controls the sideways movementReduces body roll corneringCheck Amazon for the best sway bar
Maintains the axle perpendicularImproves the weight distribution 

Changes you need to make the track bar?

On the side of sway bars, the track bar you are using has no need to be adjusted, changed, or taken out every time. Replacement of the Jeep Wrangler is only done when the lifting and lowering of the Jeep have occurred. The need for positioning the frame in the right place with the suspension is highly recognized.  

If you fail to lift the Wrangler, the track bar will be short, resulting in the body moving out from the center, bringing instability. If the Wrangler is lowered, the track bar will be long as no changes will happen. But an easy solution is available for people who are prone to making adjustments to the ride height. Adjustable to the track bar. 

When you install one of the two on the Jeep, the stability is high as the Jeep is centered with just a few adjustments of the wrench. It cannot be affected even if you lift or lower the system. This helps you put on the measures in front to prevent Death Wobble from happening to you. Check Amazon for the best track bar.

2. Work on the sway bar

Work on the sway bar

The track in the Jeep prevents chassis and suspension wobble, and a sway bar helps the Jeep to be in position while making the turns. Some refer to it as a stabilizer, anti-roll, or roll bar. This is helpful because it helps your truck to be stable when carrying heavy loads. But also, it can hinder the off-road performance due to harsh terrains. 

The JL Wrangler is built with the electronic sway bar disconnect, helping to reach the button and click it easily. Even though some prefer to remove the bars, it gives the expected results they want you to try. 

A sway bar disconnect kit helps in times of removing the sway bar if you are using an older or JK model. Most experts prefer this as a valuable procedure that should be done when you are prone to driving at the minimum speed and the need for high articulation is valued.

Changes you need to make to the sway bar

Most off-road drivers prefer taking out the front sway bar near bad terrain roads. The importance of a sway bar is the drawbacks when tackling on jagged terrain. When traversing or scaling rocks at the lowest speeds, the sway bar’s absence will result in uneven movement of the front wheels. This results in the best articulation and improved control as you navigate the lumps and gaps.

Replace the sway bar, sway bar bushings and sway bar links when the parts are worn out. Some drivers remove their sway bars even if the Jeep is new, and this helps them to run on the off-roads. Taking out the stock Jeep Wrangler sway bar is not easy and time-consuming. To make it look easy, it is advisable to use sway bar kits which are available in most of the specific shops. Check Amazon for the best sway bar because it has many options online that fit in the Wrangler and enable a quick response on the roads.

Similarities between the Sway bar and Track bar

A sway bar is also called an anti-roller bar. The sway bar is a torsion spring that communicates with the body roll of a Jeep when making turns. The registration is hardened due to an increase in roll resistance, causing the body to bend far from the vertical axis. This helps the tires to be in contact with the road reducing body roll angle resulting in safe and comfortable driving.

The track bar is also called the Panhard bar or torque arm. The main work of the track bar is to provide a connection for the frame and axle on the Jeep. This helps to prevent uneven side movements of the axle. The track bar’s main action is to provide a balance of the axle, increasing stability and balance and the durability of the tires and suspension components.

How much weight do you have?

How much weight do you have

If your RV is carrying a lot of loads, that is when a sway bar comes into play, as it helps to maintain the stability of your RV by evenly distributing the weight to all the wheels.

The track bar has some simple work if your RV is not carrying any weight and the vehicle is light. This is because the track bar helps to advance how you handle the RV if there is no weight or more.

  • Driving needs

When you are driving along busy five-star roads, the essence of using a  sway is wanting. To maintain the stability of the RV at high speeds and it creates comfort when driving.

But when you do too much off-road driving, the track bar works best in harsh terrain roads. This is because of the handling they improve.

  • Towing needs

Towing needs a sway bar for safe driving. The RV stability is high when towing to another trailer or vehicle.

But if you are not much into towing that day, the track has no use because the track bars enable the RV handling to be improved when towing fails to happen on the trailer or any other machine.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Are both Track Bar and Sway Bar good to use?

Yes, sometimes you need both the sway bar and track bar simultaneously. This helps to maintain RV stability if your RV is extensive and carries a lot of loads. The need for both of them is highly recommended for peace when too much towing is happening.


After reading the article, I believe you can choose which bar suits your needs as you have understood their differences and performance. From what I can say is that both are great. The sway bar helps you to maintain the Jeep’s roll, and the track bar supports the yaw of the Jeep. But if you decide to use the one, I prefer you get the services of the sway bar.

If you have ample space, choose a sway bar, and pick a track bar for a small one. I have advised you to select sway bar over track bar because if your Jeep is rolling in the right direction, the track has no tasks to perform. If you find difficulty controlling the sway or way, it is advisable to call for help from a certified expert. 

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