Toy hauler that can haul a jeep-complete guide

Many campers find it difficult to understand how compatible their toy hauler and Jeep can be. The Jeeps of the previous year might not have the towing capacity needed to haul a toy hauler. However, the production of Jeep vehicles with higher towing power over recent years is highly valued. 

Most Jeeps nowadays can add another trailer tow package, which further increases the real towing power of the vehicle. It is the best place for you if you want to understand the toy hauler that can haul a jeep. I have further explained the great toy haulers that can pull a jeep.

Kindly follow my guides in the article below to understand more. I have answered the frequently asked questions to help solve your issues. Read the conclusion of the article to get an overview of the article.

Quick table for toy haulers and their weight

Toy haulersSpecificationWeight in lbs.
Enduro motorcyclesKTM 350 EX-FYamaha WR450F228262
ATVsHonda Fourtrax RancherPolaris Sportsman580600
Jet SkisSea-Doo SPARKKawasaki STX415500.2

Toy haulers that can haul a Jeep Grand Cherokee

Toy haulers that can haul a Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has an incredible towing power that is essentially higher if the Trailer Tow package is attached.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee models that have a V-6 engine can tow at most 6,000 pounds provided there is no additional trailer tow. Besides, the Jeep Grand Cherokee with a V-8 engine with an in-built Trailer Tow package tends to have a tremendous towing capacity of 7,000 pounds.

In the past, the Jeep Grand Cherokee was suitable for off-road traveling. It is the best towing vehicle that works best in small toy haulers that weigh fewer than 6,000 pounds if there is no additional trailer tow package. But, if you have the box, it is vital to haul a toy hauler of fewer than 7,000 pounds.

To do your helpful research, go deep into the time required to research a toy hauler that is best in line with maximum towing power. Below, I am explaining some of the known toy hauler choices for Jeep Grand Cherokees that are good for you.

1. 2022 Intech Flyer Discover

2022 Intech Flyer Discover

The 2022 Intech Flyer Discover is an impressively rugged toy hauler with unique features and sleeping powers. But for other RVs, this model is made using an all-aluminum cage frame where the welding process has taken place. Together with the cage from the plan, the Intech Discover is long-lasting and robust. It helps to enable regular operation in all road conditions without looking at the rough terrain.

However, expect to purchase this product at approximately $30,000 for the model. The model is lightweight and does not need a dedicated tow vehicle. A Jeep Grand Cherokee tows it without resulting in issues.

The 2022 Intech Flyer Discover is a micro-lite model having an exterior length of 19 feet, an interior length of 10 feet and 6 inches, an internal height of 7 feet and 10 inches, and a ground clearance of 1 foot and 3 inches. It consists of 6 500-pound tie-downs, resulting in the motorhome featuring 6 Light Emitting Diodes Dome lights and 2 USB charging ports, and a ramp door with ratings of 2,100pounds. Check amazon for the best toy hauler screen.

The motorhome you use has a gross vehicle weight rating of 5,100 pounds, tongue weight of 530 pounds, and a dry weight ranging from 2,470 to 2,740 pounds. It has a cargo-withstanding capacity ranging from 2.400 pounds to 2,700 pounds.

In the motorhome, an 8.5-gallon freshwater tank is available. Due to the lack of a bathroom, there is no need for the blackwater tank.

However, the inside section is mostly not decorated, but it is on point and unique. The kitchen at the front has a farm-style sink with a brushed nickel faucet, ample cabinetry, a 3.0 cubic foot refrigerator, and two-burner stainless steel.

Bluetooth stereo speakers, a 10-foot-long capability awning, an air conditioner, and a roof rack system are some of the best features you can select if you choose the above model.

The presence of the prep for a Light Emitting diode television makes it an idea to add a curbside tip-out bed by increasing the sleeping power around people.

2. 2022 Coachmen Freedom Express Blast 17BLSE

2022 Coachmen Freedom Express Blast 17BLSE

The 2022 Coachmen Freedom Express Blast 17BLse has a feature such as an ultra-light compact toy hauler that has approximately $34,000. Thus, it is one of the cheapest choices for small families. Four members are always the best to help tow their Jeep Grand Cherokee motorhome.

The modern toy hauler accommodates four members for small families and has a queen-sized bed in the main bedroom.     It acts as your safety and comfort wherever you go. Check amazon for the best camper leveler kit.

The 2022 Coachmen Freedom Express Blast 17BLSE has an approximate length of 20 feet and 4 inches, an exterior diameter of 9 feet, and an external height 0f 10 feet with 9 inches. Lightweight is one of the features of the model.

The model has an excellent gross vehicle weight rating of 6,000 pounds, a hitch weight of 510 pounds, a dry weight of 3,590 pounds, and a cargo-carrying space of 2,300 pounds.

Given more on the certifications, the building of the RV has a 45-gallon fresh water tank, a 30-gallon grey and black water tank. The size of the garage of the motorhome is 8 feet and 8 inches, enabling the hauling of various types of outdoor toys. Check amazon for the best magnetic garage door screen.

Further, the 6-gallon DSI water heater and the model have a 12-foot extended capabilities awning working with Light Emitting Diode lighting.

You will possibly be happy to understand that the toy hauler that manufacturing process has happened to the end based on construction. It comprises aluminum construction with vacuum-bonded walls built from Azdel composite.

Over time, the unit has heated adequately, and the tinted safety glass windows and the ultra-durable Congoleum diamond are floored.

Some of the fantastic interior characteristics of the 2022 Coachmen Freedom Express Blast 17BLSE comprise a rollover sofa, a private shower and toilet, a pass-through storage space, an efficient multipurpose indoor table, and a High Definition Television.

3. 2022 Forest River Grey Wolf Black Label 18RRBL

2022 Forest River Grey Wolf Black Label 18RRBL

Forest River is famous for making cheap toy haulers. That is why the 2022 Forest River Grey Wolf Black Label 18RRBL is among the cheapest toy haulers on the market.

For now, the approximate cost for the motorhome is $29,000. However, the price is not the only option that the customers like. The fantastic thing about the model is it is sure to produce the best quality construction, higher comfort, and excellent exterior and interior plan.

The 2022 Forest River Grey Wolf Black 18RRBL has a length of 24 feet and an inch, an external height of 10 feet, and 7 inches with an outer diameter of 9 feet. The toy hauler has a weight rating of 7,500 pounds, a dry weight rating of 4,560 pounds, a hitch weight rating of 500 pounds, and a cargo-transporting capacity of 3,080 pounds.

Using the 2022 Forest River Grey Wolf Black Label, 18RRBL expects middle-sized holding tanks suitable for small families. The presence of three holding tanks operating better comprises the freshwater tank having a capacity of 40 gallons, grey water tank having a capacity of 40 gallons, and dark water tank having a total of 30 gallons.

Forest River does not operate in halves. That is why the model has many excellent features and is available. Several features comprise an entertainment system, a fireplace, a hybrid tub with a shower, and a 12 cubic foot residential refrigerator with an outdoor cold and hot shower.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Will the jeep fit in a toy?

It is easy to fit a Jeep Wrangler in a toy hauler. It is good to take the measurements before working in a toy hauler.

  • Which toy hauler can carry the most weight?

A good number of the trailer or fifth-wheel toy haulers own a carrying capacity of approximately 4,000 lbs.

  • Can I haul a car in a toy hauler?

Lightweight and compact cars are favorites for loading in a toy hauler.

  • How much amount of weight can a toy hauler carry in the garage?

In most scenarios, the garage places are around 600 lbs. Class C and Class A are more than 1000 lbs.


In general, I would say that you must get the best model that withstands the length and the weight of the Jeep, which is an essential task for toy haulers. With the provision of different models in the market, it is your job to ensure you work within guidelines that protect you.

Get the plan that best suits you when traveling. In the market, too many models of the Jeep that enable the hauling process to undergo smoothly. Always choose your preferred one and don’t allow someone to choose for you. Seek help in case of difficulties. 

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