Tekonsha P2 vs P3 – Which One Is Better for You?

The Tekonsha Prodigy p2 is the latest version of the Prodigy p3. The Prodigy is an electronic brake controller built with a straightforward and interactive interface. The controller works best in vehicles that come as either a hydraulic system or electric brakes. It comprises vehicles such as cars, SUVs, and light trucks.

Tekonsha Prodigy P3 is an electronic brake controller built to operate on every vehicle with a hydraulic system and hydraulic brakes. It consists of trailers and heavy-load trucks. To make your trip look easy and enjoyable, you must add a cart to your vehicle, which is why we use brake controllers.

When considering portability and being more versatile, Tekonsha Prodigy P2 is better than Tekonsha Prodigy P. The article would help you to make an immediate difference if you were initially confused about the two. Check the answers to the frequently asked questions and the conclusion to get the article overview.

Quick comparison table of their features

Prodigy P2Prodigy P3
It has a LED displayIt has an LCD
Has no level adjustmentHas a level adjustment
It has a quick disconnect featureIt has a snap-in-mounting clip

Differences between Tekonsha p2 vs. p3

tekonsha p2 vs p3

Tekonsha P2 is mostly known for its Tekonsha brake controller. It is an open brake controller that can run vehicles with a 7-way connector.

But Tekonsha P3 is built for trucks, trailers, and buses. A feature such as an anti-lock braking system and automatic retarder, is not available in Tekonsha P2, mainly used to prevent wheel lockup.

 The latter is used for commercial purposes to promote businesses creating a difference between Tekonsha P3 and P2.

P2 is a brake controller that positions well in the palm of your hand. It is built to work on vehicles with manual transmissions and operating in them. It comprises trucks, cars, ATVs, motorcycles, and snowmobiles.

On the other hand, P3 is a brake controller that positions well in the palm of your hand—mainly built to operate on vehicles with automatic transmissions. It works in various vehicles comprising ATVs, trucks, cars, snowmobiles, and motorcycles.

1. Prodigy P2

When you are driving with a trailer connected to the vehicle, and the driver applies the brakes, it can result in the camper being unstable hence starting to shake.

To overcome it, the driver has to press the brake pedal slightly and make sure they are driving slowly. The whole procedure is a bit annoying when traveling for far distances.

The Prodigy P2 is an electric brake controller that you can attach to the brakes of your linked vehicles. Control the system with the help of the power applied to it and the brakes.

The help of the controller helps the trailer result in a similar braking pressure as your vehicle. It allows the overall car with the towing to stop at the same period.

If you are driving in reverse gear, and the driver decides to slam the brakes results in the whole vehicle stopping under the same pressure. It takes out the mentality of turning to manual, slowing down the vehicle’s speed, which makes the trailer constantly balanced.

Connecting the whole system is straightforward and comes with several connectors and bolts.

The materials given help users find it easy to attach the vehicle braking system without creating much stress on compatibility. Although, it does not indicate that you can easily buy the product without inspecting if the trailer can run the system.

Many people can use vehicle adapters that help them connect the braking controller by themselves. There are available choices to adjust the braking levels that the whole system can execute.

An increase or decrease can happen. The choice is for the users who want to carry heavy loads on their vehicles. It is advisable to configure the settings in line with the usage. Check amazon for the best brake pedal.

2. Prodigy P3

The Prodigy P3 is the best brake controller that works like the P2 model. However, the product is the latest version which has many features.

The greatest thing about it is the power to be attached to both hydraulic systems and electrical braking systems.

Use the display on the Prodigy P3 to configure the files to find which one fits your specifications. You can try between two braking operations at the time you need, which gives you a choice to try all.

However, navigating the settings can be a bit more difficult for users who do not understand the brake controllers. It is advisable always to, unless you know how to use it.

Similarities between Tekonsha p2 vs. p3

Similarities between Tekonsha p2 vs. p3

Based on the way Tekonsha P2 and P3 Prodigy work, they have several axles ranging between one and four. Their type is proportional to building a friendly interface for the user.

They use a power knob, boost button, and manual knob for both Prodigies that help control the system. They have no compatibility with ABS to allow the smooth running of the systems.

The level of sensitivity for both Tekonsha P2 and P3 is mostly four to allow a smooth running of the system and achieve higher results possible. Continual diagnostics are present for both Tekonsha.

How do I turn off P2 Prodigy?

How do I turn off P2 Prodigy
Source; HitchAnything.com

If you face difficulties with the P2 Prodigy, there are ways to turn it off.

1. You can power off the P2 Prodigy by opening the app. Press on settings, and the ‘power’ option will pop up on your phone’s screen. It is usually beside the button ‘Actions.’Pressing shuts down the brake controller.

2. Turn off the brake controller by dragging the power button for 4 seconds. It further shuts down the brake controller and restarts it for you.

3. If you experience difficulty powering off the brake controller, you can unplug it from the power source or remove the fuse. Check amazon for the best brake controller.

How to adjust trailer brake controller

How to adjust trailer brake controller

Step 1: Plug in the trailer wiring harness

Always make sure the trailer wiring harness is connected to your vehicle for power production, helping to tow. During the process, ensure the car and trailer are on level ground.

Step 2: Allow the brake controller to calibrate

Some of the brake controllers are self-calibrating, while others do not. Hence, self-calibrating brake controllers will indicate a light signal to show the calibration start and end.

Step 3: Choose personal settings

Adjust the personal settings to your expectations or will available, like the angle of the interface and screen brightness.

Step 4: Set the maximum output

It is the maximum power the controller exerts on the trailer brakes. Adjust the level according to the load size.

Step 5: Adjust the sensitivity level

It is the accuracy of the brake controller applying the brake. Drive forward and apply the brakes.

Step 6: Manually activate brakes as needed

It helps to correct the minor trailer sway and slowly dragging gown.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Does Tekonsha P3 need to be level?

The Tekonsha P3 controller is not required to be level and can work with various types of brake systems. Every car with a trailer hitch should own a Tekonsha P3 as it helps the vehicle to stop the process of breaking.

  • Does the P3 brake controller turn off?

The P3 brake controller turns off when the vehicles run 12 miles per hour and when the user pulls his leg off the accelerator pedal. It minimizes the period to stop a car and operates in weather seasons.

  • How to reset my Tekonsha brake controller?

Reset by turning off by clicking the power button for four seconds. Then, hold the power button for another four seconds to turn it on. After that, you will have to reset your controller to factory settings.

  • Why is my Tekonsha brake controller not working?

If the brake pedal or the manual slide is not working correctly, you must test the wires flowing to the brake controller. Always ensure power is flowing to the brake controller on the black wire. You need a red wire if you press the brake pedal. 


Always remember that all the devices are suitable depending on their functions. You decide to choose the one you want. The Prodigy P2 is easy to attach, and there are a few problems using it. But the Prodigy P3 is a bit difficult to use and expensive.

To get more help, read the manufacturer’s manual or contact the helpline. The company will guide you through the processes of installing and doing the setups. Always take good care of the system to ensure durability and provide higher performance to your expectation.

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