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Every person who owns a vehicle now understands the benefits of having the best solid chassis. This acts as the base founder of the car and solidifies how the remainder of the vehicle is created. The chassis helps a reasonable number of critical assets like wheels, engine bay, braking system, and suspension.

The way the chassis is built affects the truck’s load capacity, and hence the stability is also triggered during motion. As we all know, quality driving is always a vital asset in any vehicle. Spartan and Freightliner are the two most famous RVs and the most reliable companies in today’s market. Their products are highly durable due to their design and manufacture with few arising problems. However, each company has a fan base, and if you research, you may get a debate online.

My article below will explain some of the comparisons, differences, and similarities between the two companies. If you have not decided which company is best, then I assure you that this article will help you make the right choice. Once you understand which chassis will match your needs, you will possibly choose the best models of RVs when you go to the market to purchase one.

Quick differences between the Spartan and Freightliner chassis

1. Spartan chassis

Spartan Chassis vs. Freightliner

I prefer Spartan chassis because of the thick nature of the frame they release. A wide frame helps the vehicle to withstand the capacity they carry and gives it strength. Increased ability of the structure, a hydraulic radiator fan is also used. The benefit of its combination is that if the campground is dusty and dry, the vehicle would not have dust because it doesn’t allow dust kicking.

Furthermore, Spartan has a lifetime warranty for every person that purchases from there. The contract is due to the frame of the chassis. There is an advantage with this because troubleshooting can be done using the warranty if you experience an issue with the chassis. But you should also know that some rules are followed to achieve this, and if you follow the directions carefully given by the company, ensure the warranty is accountable.

Based on the relationship between the company and people, Spartan provides friendly features that anyone will be pleased to interact with. To get a faster and more accessible business with the company, you can visit their website on your phone by keying in your location.

Apart from visiting their agents, the helpline team is 24/7 online and over the phone. If you want spare parts for your vehicle, go to the nearest agent because that is the only place to get a lot of spare parts. And, if the agents have no spares you want, they will send a particular order for you.

Quick comparison giving the difference

Spartan chassisFreightliner chassisAmazon products
Independent front suspensionSolid beamCheck Amazon for the best Spartan chassis
Is an MH modelIs an IFS modelCheck Amazon for the best freightliner chassis
Thick frameThin frame compared to Spartan 

2. Freightliner chassis

Freightliner chassis

The chassis provided by Freightliner is thin compared to the one Spartan produces. However, its thick nature and solid state help for the stable ride. Its weight capacity is heart-warming.

The provision of enough storage for the luggage is there. However, every vehicle has a maximum weight that it can withstand. If you need additional space for yourself, you must tow a trailer behind your car.

Spartans nowadays do not give out their specifications to people because they fear some people are using and copying their product specifications. The range of vehicles has been intact for some years now. However, more modifications and adjustments are built every year but not giving out the list of what has been added; hence not easy to know the details of the changes done.

Freightliner, do not fear anything as they give out everything about the vehicle’s specifications face to face and online. The information on old and newer models’ versions helps customers read the improvements made.

If your need lies on the Freightliner chassis, you will be able to understand the adjustments and improvements made. Although it is not easy with Spartan, thus it is hard to put them in one basket. Chassis present comprises the luxury options and usually have diesel engine sizes of different nature. Choosing which chassis is the best varies with the budget you are planning to have.

We all know the pros and cons for every identity and small to select between them, no brand is terrible, and all are good. That is why there has been a serious debate on which chassis has the best services. All in all, it depends on yourself and the budget you have laid down.

Sometimes it all depends on the customer as different people need specific models of RV, as other companies give their vehicles with the mindset of chassis.

If you haven’t made any decision, it is good to follow some of the given RV forums to get some great and helpful customer notes to get their opinions and ideas. More so, it is good to visit their agents to see some of the available models in the market. This helps to get their views and collect every detailed information before making any decision.

Which one to choose

Spartan and Freightliner chassis are tremendous; choosing between the two requires your personal needs. The two are the best brands, and I would recommend both. Many sellers always assure the customer of a quality chassis even if it is not the brand you want.

The only difference between the two brands is the thickness. The Spartan is thicker than the Freightliner frame. So if you want thick frames choose Spartan or vice versa. However, if you want the latest versions with their specifications, go for Freightliner. But I can say that it all depends on you because all the brands are good.

Similarities between the Spartan and Freightliner chassis

Similarities between the Spartan and Freightliner chassis

Spartan and Freightliner chassis give the road a good and comfortable ride. Understanding the chassis is one significant step that helps interact well with the chassis. Class A for the Spartan and Freightliner chassis gives a classy performance when used by every user. This allows the users to interact better with the vehicle creating comfort for the driver and the users.

The durability expense of the two chassis, Spartan, and Freightliner, is high as the two brands offer the best they can. The components used to make and manufacture the machines are durable, helping users navigate the devices well. The brands have a group of experts who perform and oversee every task to make sure the work they do is presentable.

The brands ensure they are helping all customers to enable smooth interaction with the customers. They have a good relationship with their customers to allow the smooth running of the company. The brands have created safe features that help all the drivers, passengers, and everyone who uses the road.

They also inform their customers about the versions and the machines they create to help their loyal customers to be pleased with their services.

Both the companies have years of experience in their respective fields. The brand still focuses on releasing the best features every day for the benefit of its customers. Their continuous production of quality products and assets has inspired many people, drivers, and other users to trust them.

Both the companies have continued innovation every day, making developments and building new things. Both brands have ensured the services they provide are for the user’s benefit and for the company’s gain.

Fuel efficiency, safety, quality, and connectivity have been their crucial value to help the customers use less and get more. They have always understood the customer’s needs in every sector to help them reach their desired output. Their respective dealers have received quality and new re-manufactured products, accessories, assets, and personal label products. The dealers are all supported to ensure every person gets the best.

Frequently asked questions:

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I believe after reading the article above; you understand how the Spartan and Freightliner chassis work and their differences in performance. If you are choosing, go with your specifications, and you will be able to get the proper chassis for yourself; however, both brands are good. Before making any orders try to understand your needs to help you get the best specification for yourself.

Comparing every chassis on how it works, each chassis does its part best. So, try choosing what fits what you want. Don’t go and read the debate as all the brands are good. In case of difficulty, call for help from a certified expert to help you solve the problem.

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