Which One Is Better Between Long Bed vs. Short Bed F-250

Pickup truck beds, often known as boxes, come in various dimensions based on the truck. Generally, pickup trucks come in three bed sizes: short, standard, and long.

When shopping for a new truck to pull your trailer, one of the most important choices you’ll make is between short or long-bed trucks. There is a wide range of options. You can choose between leather or fabric seats, a gasoline or diesel engine, among other possibilities. That is entirely a matter of personal opinion.

While you are aware that you desire the capacity and adaptability of a pickup truck, you may be wondering whether to opt for long or short F-250 beds. Both are beneficial for various purposes, so ensure you choose the best for your deliveries before pursuing various collections.

However, we are aware that towing can complicate the decision. As a result, we’ve gathered information that can assist evaluate whether a long F250 bed is preferable to a short one. Let’s get started;

Is it better to tow with a long bed or short bed?

Is it better to tow with a long bed or short bed

There is no contest between long or short bed trucks when it concerns towing. A longer bed provides a long wheelbase, which offers the driver a more secure towing experience.

A more solid towing experience means that you will not be battling your RV on the roadway. It would be best if you were safe at all times while towing, and thus, a long bed is the greatest way to ensure your safety and that of passengers and your RV on the highway.

Whereas a properly fitted short bed truck can tow a travel trailer, a long bed provides additional stability. Many RVers benefit from a smoother ride when converting their tow trucks from a short to a long bed. The larger wheelbase is the prime reason for this improved towing experience.

Differences between long and short bed F-250 trucks

long bed vs short bed f250

There are numerous factors to consider when choosing between a long bed and a short bed truck for towing. If you need to tow greater loads or don’t mind the disadvantages associated with running a longer pickup, a long bed truck is an excellent choice. However, in many circumstances, a short bed truck will suffice.

Let’s look at each of the bed trucks;

1. Long Bed Trucks

While there are numerous advantages to long bed F-250 trucks, some drawbacks. Let’s examine them in greater detail to determine if this is the right choice for you;


The various advantages include;

  • The best option for fifth wheels

A long bed is arguably the greatest choice if you possess a fifth wheel. Fifth wheel hitches require a significant amount of trunk space. The longer the bed is, the more cargo space you’ll have.

These wheel hitches are typically quite large and might be challenging to remove. Most RVers keep their hitches mounted, particularly over the camping period, to avoid the inconvenience of installation and disassembly. Selecting a long bed for the fifth wheel reduces your chances of becoming irritated by the fifth wheel hitch while not camping.

  • No need for a sliding hitch

By selecting a long bed, you eliminate the requirement for a sliding hitch on your fifth wheel. Such hitches are more costly, heavier, and require more space than standard hitches. A long bed truck naturally produces additional space between the fifth wheel’s front cap and the truck’s rear.

RVers with a short bed frequently use a sliding hitch to maintain separation during tight maneuvers. Due to its shorter length, several RVers have shattered back windows or caused damage to the trucks or RVs sidewalls. You won’t need to worry about harming your back window by picking a long bed.

  • Generally has a greater towing capacity.

A long bed’s wider wheelbase gives more stability and maximizes a truck’s payload capacity. The longer the wheelbase, the bigger the payload and towing capacity. If you intend to tow a large fifth wheel, you’ll appreciate the additional towing capability provided by a long bed.


Although a long bed truck can be an incredible player when towing, it is not without flaws. Consider a few of the disadvantages of long bed trucks;

  • Expensive

If you’ve ever purchased a truck, you’re aware that they are not cost-effective. If you’re looking to save some money, you may be disappointed to learn that these trucks are more expensive than short-bed trucks.

A long bed costs $200 more in a Ram 3500 and $150 more in a Ford F150. While this is a reasonable price to pay for a $40,000 truck, this could prompt you to rethink whether you require a longer bed.

  • Less maneuvrable as a daily driver

Driving a truck with a long bed requires some adjustment. You’re unlikely to whip around a parking area or make U-turns in one. When maneuvering, they need more space and deliberateness. A long bed makes maneuvering more difficult, especially in confined spaces.

You may also encounter parking difficulties. You’ll probably walk from the back of the car park to ensure you have enough maneuvering space and aren’t taking up different areas due to the truck’s length.

2. Short Bed Trucks

While a long bed is a towing beast, a short bed F-250 truck can still make a difference. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of short beds;


While lengthy beds are desirable, there are certain advantages to a short bed. These are;

  • Simpler to maneuver

Short bed trucks are far more maneuverable and easier to get into narrow locations than long bed trucks. A car with a short bed is typically two feet less than a truck with a long bed. Although you may want to park at the back of the lot, you will have more alternatives than you would with a long bed.

  • Usually less expensive

Small bed trucks are sometimes less costly than long bed trucks if cost is a consideration. You’ll receive most of the same fantastic features and comforts, but at a discounted price. A short bed is slightly less expensive than its longer alternative, Whichever truck brand you pick.

  • Excellent for families

A short-bed pickup truck is an excellent option for families. Whether you’re planning a trip to the lake or a favorite campground with your family, a short bed provides adequate space in the bed and cab. On the road to your next excursion, your family can stretch out and enjoy plenty of legroom.

  • Excellent for travel trailers

If you’re considering purchasing a travel trailer, a short truck may be an excellent choice. While towing a travel trailer, you will not require the maximum towing capacity or payload. While pulling a travel trailer, a short bed vehicle will give plenty of space for storing your camping stuff.


There are a few disadvantages to consider while shopping for short bed trucks. Consider the drawbacks in greater detail.

  • Typically, a short bed truck has a reduced towing capacity.

Generally, short bed trucks have a relatively lower towing capacity than long bed trucks. This comprises the load capacity and weight ratio to Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR). If you intend to carry heavier goods, a short bed truck may not be the ideal choice. A short bed will restrict your options if you acquire a large RV.

  • Fifth wheels require a sliding hitch.

Invest in a high-quality sliding hitch if you’re considering towing a fifth wheel with a short bed. During tight movements, the gap between the front cap and truck cab can be quite close. If you are not vigilant about maintaining this spacing, you risk damaging your RV’s back window or front cap.

A sliding hitch widens the gap between the vehicle and the RV’s front cap during these motions. While a sliding hitch is not always necessary when towing a short truck, most RVers choose one anyway.

How long is the Ford F250 short bed?

How long is the Ford F250 short bed

The new 2020 F-250 crew cab pickup truck is a substantial vehicle with a long bed. The overall length of the bed is 6.75 ft. by 160 inches. This truck’s short bed is available in lengths of 5 feet, 6 feet, and 8 feet.

The F-250 crew cab’s bed can support up to 4,263 pounds, providing the room and capacity to transport a complete steel toolbox along with the rear windshield and furniture appliances such as refrigerators and washers dry, and huge deep freezers. This vehicle’s back end can even accommodate a king-size bed mattress. It is crucial to ensure that all goods are securely fastened.

How long is the bed of an F250 long bed?

The Ford F-250 truck is 266.2 inches in length. This truck has an 8-foot box and a bed length of 176 inches. It measures 80 inches in width and 81.3 inches in height. The wheelbase measures 177 inches in length.

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Final words

As we have seen, there are numerous factors to consider when picking between a long bed F-250 and a short bed F-250 truck for towing. If you need to pull greater loads or don’t mind the disadvantages associated with driving a long truck, a long-bed vehicle is an excellent choice. However, in many circumstances, the short bed trucks will do.

Try to investigate and pay close attention to what the other drivers are driving. You could also inquire why they opted for long or short-bed trucks.

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