Quick Differences Between Keystone vs Jayco

If you are an enthusiastic camper, then I am sure you are wondering which one is the best RV for your trips. In the market, you will find various travel trailers from different brands with excellent features. The most reputable brands out there are Keystone and Jayco.

That’s the exact reason why we have come up with the Keystone vs Jayco article. All these companies produce the best products, but the decision-making process might be difficult for those who wish to try RVs for the first time. We have compiled this report to eliminate such challenges when choosing travel trailers from the two brands.

Stay around, because we care for you. After you are through reading this report, you will be able to pinpoint the travel trailer of your choice. You will understand whether Keystone campers are good quality or not. Another sector that we have researched on is the owner of the Jayco, which camper brand is the best, and whether Jayco campers are of good quality or not.

Quick table;




Are Jayco campers good quality?


  • Roof system

Helps Jayco to support up to 4500 pounds

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  • Climate shield

Protects the travel trailer from harsh weather conditions


  • Robust foundation

To enhance the lifespan of the RV

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  • EcoAdvantage

To reduce the carbon footprint


Which Camper brand is best?

  • Keystone

Keystone is reputable because of its affordable models



  • Jayco

The family-friendly floor designs in Jayco’s travel trailers make the brand outstanding.

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Are Keystone campers good quality?  

Are Keystone campers good quality?  

Keystone is among the best brands in the RV industry. It is found in America and it has survived in the market for decades. It is associated with different models of travel trailers to meet various budgets and levels.

The same brand is also famous for catering the needs of the consumers since it makes products that are less expensive. RV Conglomerate, Thor. acquired the Keystone RV brand up-to-date.

When it comes to a variety of Recreational vehicles, Keystone is far compared to other brands. It is known for manufacturing different models to meet all the needs and budgets. A good example of the Keystone RV model is Springdale and Hideout for beginners.

These campers are of good quality because their level of comfort is impressive. Besides, the sophistication level in models like the Cougar Half-Ton, Premier, and the Laredo is excellent.

The prices of these travel trailers are reasonable for any person. Despite having the best and reputable floor designs, their prices are quite good compared to most of their competitor RVs. The quality won’t be compromised by the price; maybe the floor plans. All these models are pocket-friendly since you may tow home a travel trailer with $20000.

Limitations of Keystone Recreational vehicles

Just like any other product, let’s look at the other side of the coin. Keystone recreational vehicles remain the best choices for those fellows in need of excellent materials. However, we have had complaints being launched by a few customers concerning the poor service.

Consumers have also had challenges with their warranty system repairs; they claim taking too long.

Is Keystone owned by Jayco?

Is Keystone owned by Jayco

Determining the owner of the RVs you intend to buy will always tell whether the item is of high quality or not. Reputable brands are known for their high-quality products. No one would wish to buy RVs from a fly-by-night company who will eventually disappear in a year. Trustworthy brands are what I am urging you to consider their products.

Drawing conclusions from various travel trailers made by Keystone brand, you won’t be wrong to say that they are a good investment. However, we have a bigger business that owns Keystone. That company is none other than Thor Industries

You have to understand that Keystone was established in around 1996 and later on the Thor Industries took over. That was in the year 2001.

Are Jayco campers good quality?

Are Jayco campers good quality

Jayco is a famous brand when it comes to the production of travel trailers. Its establishment can be traced back in 1968 by couples in Northern Indiana. It was the first camper to pop-up with a useful lifter system. Thor Industries bought Jayco in 2016, but there experienced no changes. There are different trailer models that you are likely to find under this brand, but for today, let’s look at whether the campers are of good quality or not;

Jayco is loved by many people because it produces high quality recreational vehicles. It is among legendary brands that are associated with futuristic floor plans and designs. Even though it produces fewer models, it keeps on updating them regularly using the most updated features.

Some of the travel trailer features to expect from Jayco brand include;

Roof system: The magnum Truss roof system in Jayco travel trailers makes them substantial. It helps them to support up to 4500 pounds. Besides, the screws have been used instead of staples for holding the decking in its place. This is a good move since it makes the RVs long-lasting.

The use of big nail plate fasteners to link the roof trusses achieves a tighter fit which eliminates unnecessary movements.

Climate shield: This feature is excellent in protecting the travel trailer from harsh weather conditions like insanely cold or extremely hot. Buying such RVs guarantees you four-season camping without the fear of temperature. I say so because it protects the camper from up to 71 degrees interior temperature.

Robust foundation: This is another feature that makes Jayco the best manufacturer of Recreational vehicles. It is mounted on a rigid frame instead of stick frames. Two frame types are used in Jayco’s i.e., structural I-beam and I-class frame. Another frame is Norco NextGen because of their high-strength and low-alloy steel nature to prevent rusting.

All these frames combined will produce a good RV that has an extended lifespan.

EcoAdvantage: Such a feature is excellent which is incorporated in the Jayco travel trailers. The company is trying to reduce the carbon footprint using smarter technology. The brand works with various suppliers to get rid of packaging and waste.

As much as price is concerned, Jayco is always praised because of its affordable priced models. You get the quality that you are paying for. The price should not make you draw a conclusion that its campers are cheap; no. The floor plan plays a vital role in determining the price of a certain travel trailer.

Limitations of Jayco RVs

Even with the above features and benefits, Jayco travel trailers still have various drawbacks. The brand has to do a lot on the design of its floor plan. You are likely to realize simple inconveniences when using hot water. This is because the size of the tank is questionable; it is relatively small.

Additionally, smaller models tend to come with small storage space and some users have complained about the brand’s warranty system.

Which Camper brand is best?

keystone vs jayco

Choosing the best travel trailer is always the best choice. Since you have the knowledge of the two brands, drawing a conclusion on which one is the best won’t be a problem. However, let’s make a quick insight on which one is the best. But, before we get there, just know that our preferences vary, meaning that what you might opt for may differ from my choice.

  • Keystone

Keystone is reputable because of its affordable models. It produces various models out there that go at different prices to meet the needs of consumers. However, this statement doesn’t imply that their RVS are of poor quality; they are excellent options out there.

Most of the people are in love with their products because of their impressive livability features. They boast flexible as well as comfortable floor plans. Yes, such features make keystone travel trailers outstanding in the market.

  • Jayco

The family-friendly floor designs in Jayco’s travel trailers make the brand outstanding too. Its models are associated with excellent comfort levels for their prices. Besides, there is a rock-solid foundation that I am sure you will like. Such a foundation is remarkable since you are assured of longevity.

Jayco RVs are also excellent for those families that like camping out in harsh weather conditions. This is because they are associated with superior climate shields and roof systems.

Frequently asked questions;

  • Which recreational vehicle is good for Rental?

A good number of people think that both Keystone and Jayco are the same because they’re owned by the same company. I can agree with them because they vary slightly in terms of materials and quality. But, Jayco is associated with great flexible and comfortable travel trailers.

  • Are travel trailers long-lasting?

Of course yes, but this depends on the care you subject the machine to. Under great care, a travel trailer can serve you up to 15 years, but at least 7 years for frequent campers. Great care may make it a lifetime.

  • Is the warranty system of Jayco good?

Yeah. Though I am not sure if 2 years is good for you. But for me, this is impressive. The brand offers two-year limited warranty on all their travel trailer models. Besides, 2020 models come with a 3rd structural warranty from the company.

Final words

At least you now know what it takes to have a high quality travel trailer. We have tried to differentiate the two brands in detail. From the above discussions, you can realize that both Keystone vs. Jayco serves the same purpose, but the features, warranty, and prices vary. We have some models that are long-lasting, comfortable and flexible while others not; choose wisely. 

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