How to Tow a Can-Am Spyder – A Quick Guide

The Can-Am Spyder is a three-wheeled motorcycle designed for off-road use. The vehicle shares most of its components with other vehicles, such as the single rear drive wheel and two wheels in front of the steering wheel, but it operates in a unique mode: ATV mode chassis.

Using the Can-Am Spyder will also require towing to improve performance and minimize storage issues. Thus, with a pull, one can complete the process by following specific stages and precautions, as Spyders also require towing.

The following guide illustrates how to tow a Can-Am Spyder by providing the best answers to various questions regarding the Spyder. The article has also tackled the frequently asked questions on the same. Read through it keenly for a better understanding. Here we start;

What you need to know about Can-Am Spyder

What you need to know about Can-Am Spyder

Can-Am Spyder is among the most appealing vehicles on the road. Can-Am developed this machine to suit individuals seeking a motorcycle that was easy to ride. The Can-Am Spyder is a breeze to drive; the transmission is automated, and all three wheels are braked with a single right foot brake pedal, precisely like a vehicle.

Can-Am’s first target market consisted of baby boomers who lacked interest in riding a two-wheel motorcycle owing to stability or safety issues but still desired flair and expression. Can-Am also manufactures the Ryker, a relatively more cheap and customizable Spyder alternative.

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Its pros include powerful, smooth acceleration; abundant storage; a comfortable experience; and a superb stereo system. Some of its drawbacks include the lack of an option to disable stability and traction control, the absence of a brake lever, and poor fuel efficiency.

Can I tow a Can-Am Spyder?

Can I tow a Can-Am Spyder

Yes, individuals can tow their Can-Am Spyder whenever they wish with the appropriate equipment. Take into consideration that dragging a Spyder requires one to have some equipment for the Spyder towing.

 Towing your Spyder is beneficial since it eliminates potential dangers associated with vehicle operation, such as storage issues. Moreover, it secures the trailer’s rear wheel and supports the Spyder’s upright position. When you secure it, it will be much easier to do it without the assistance of others.

The only drawback with towing the Spyder is that it has a weight limit of 400 pounds and such low vision that you cannot readily watch the teardrop when it is bid.

Towing a Can-Am Spyder has a significant advantage over other trailers. It is simpler to use, less costly to acquire, consumes less gasoline, reduces your expenditures, and eliminates storage issues. After towing, all that is required of the Spyder is to detach it from the receiver, place it in the trunk, and one can now drive the trailer.

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Towing a Can-Am Spyder

how to tow a can am spyder

To tow the Can-Am Spyder, owners may take a few measures to accomplish the procedure because pulling the Can-Am Spyder is complex for many Spyder owners and, at times, may lead them to cause damage to the entire system. The actions to take are as follows:

A quick table on the various options for towing the Spyder;

MethodFunctionEssential product
Towing on a flat surfaceTo manually operate the Spyder.Check the best Can-Am Spyder from Amazon.
Tow DollyBy eliminating the drive belt to limit the danger of damageCheck the best drive belts from Amazon.
  • With the length, breadth, and height measurements, ensure that the trailer is at least 6 feet by 10 feet and of a reasonable height.
  • Set the Spyder to an elevation that is not in contact with the surface and ensure that the rear and front ends are level.
  • Secure the Spyder so that it will remain stationary throughout the towing procedure.
  • Maintain a firm grip on the parking brake to prevent the Spyder from moving.
  • Conduct a visual inspection of the valve stem and drive belt pulley, as they might become clogged while towing the Spyder.
  • Tow the Spyder immediately after thoroughly inspecting every component.

Precautions to take after towing the Spyder

Following the towing of the Spyder, take the following actions;

  • Ascertain that you have the proper clearance in both the front and back ends.
  • Clear the Spyder’s sidewalls to ensure that it does not interfere with components.
  • Ascertain that the back and front ends are equally spaced from the surface.
  • Remove air entirely from the front side air dam to improve vision.
  • Ensure that the front steering is secured with tie straps.
  • Windshields should be used during breezy periods or when traveling through windy places to safeguard the windshield from fracturing.

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  • Consider occasionally backing up the Spyder as long as there is someone to monitor the back end.
  • When driving the Spyder, seek to avoid hitting any obstacles.

Can you tow a Can-Am Spyder with a tow dolly?

Can you tow a Can-Am Spyder with a tow dolly

It is not recommended to tow your Can-Am Spyder with a tow dolly. Thus, it would help best if you avoid this technique with your Spyder. There is only a single approach to tow the Spyder with a dolly, and it must be done carefully to avoid causing harm to the system.

As a result, one needs to remove the Spyder’s driving belt. This requires substantial energy and is significantly more difficult to load, but it is the only option to use with two dollies.

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If you attempt to operate it in the same manner as with any other towing technique, you risk damaging the system, resulting in a loss to the owner and the need to buy a new Spyder. If you suspect that the Tow Dolly necessities many activities, avoid utilizing the method to minimize the mess.

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Can you flat tow a Spyder?

A Spyder is an automated vehicle that cannot be flat towed, as flat towing is reserved for manual vehicles. As a result, the Spyder cannot be flat towed. When flat-towing a Spyder, one needs first to switch the vehicle to manual mode, as pulling is more practical with manual vehicles and can cause damage to automatic vehicles.

How is a Can-Am Spyder transported?

They can be transported using a Spyder; by transferring them from one location to another. Generally, users transport the Can-Am Spyder to a safe storage location once the riding season ends. Before travel, one needs to seat the Spyder in a ready-for-storage position to move it immediately to the store. The following steps will prepare the Spyder for transportation:

a) Bring the Spyder indoors, which you will transport from the yard to the storeroom. You will have to use a garage here since it is the best location for storing the Spyder. The garage provides an adequate shelter for the Spyder from the surrounding environment, ensuring its safety in the area.

If you do not own a garage, you can enjoy the same benefits by renting storage space from internet retailers.

b) Cover the Spyder to prevent certain animals from accessing and damaging vehicle components. Ensure you cover any openings between the garage and your Spyder, such as the exhaust pipe, with steel wool, and use cotton swabs soaked in peppermint oil to deter unauthorized individuals.

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c) Adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for storing and transporting the Spyder, taking care to avoid moisture intrusion.

d)  Leave some areas for visual purposes to immediately determine whether or not your system has faced any issues.

e) Use a large truck to transport the Can-Am Spyder from its storage area, load the automobile to transport it from one location to another, then securely tie down the vehicle, so it does not rattle while the truck is moving.

Frequently  Asked Questions:

  • What is the function of the Can-Am Spyder?

Answer: Can-Am Spyders are ideal for recreational use.

  • What is the distinction between the Can-Am Ryker and the Can-Am Spyder?

Answer: The Can-Am Spyder and Can-Am Ryker have significant differences. Can-Am created the Ryker as an entry-level model that is stripped-down, smaller, less customized, and hence less expensive. The Spyder is more opulent, with additional features and storage space.


Towing a Can-Am Spyder is sometimes stressful since you have a feeling that you could cause damage to the entire system. The article has illustrated the numerous areas you can concentrate on before attempting any towing procedure for the Spyder.

To sum up, consider following the manufacturer’s guidelines on using the Spyder and how to tow it to avoid encountering any further complications.

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