How Tight Should a Trailer Sway Bar Be – You Must Know

Suspension is the known vital section in any truck as it is the important component that connects the vehicle’s tires. It is the main point acting as a connector between the road and your vehicle. A; ways make sure that you own the correct suspension for your benefit as it will help the stability of the vehicle, the braking process, and the cornering.

The connection is built when you drive larger vehicles like camper vans and big RVs that supply the load for you. For the vehicles to run and operate properly, you need to ensure they have a good suspension, as it is vital. Remember that the suspension helps you when encountering road bumps on your journey.

If you have ever failed to understand how tight a trailer sway bar is, you have made the right choice by visiting this article. The article below will help you understand all the important basics you need to know.

How tight should a trailer sway bar be?

how tight should a trailer sway bar be

The sway bar is the only asset that reduces the body roll of the vehicle suspension. The sway bar is mostly highly enhanced in big vehicles like campers to ensure that the body roll is low on the vehicles over road problems or quick cornering.

To ensure proper performance of the sway bar, you have to make sure that the sway bar is accurately fitted for non-road trips. The off-roads mostly have many bumps and sharp cornering that require a better performing sway bar.

Note, the more fitted the sway bar is, the better your vehicle’s body roll performs.

Quick comparison table for the sway bar

TighteningEffectAmazon products
Hard tighteningReduces the body rollCheck Amazon for the best Jeep wrangler wheel
Moderate tighteningHelps in the normal operationsCheck Amazon for the best lug nuts
Loose tighteningToo much disruptions 

1. Sway bar over-tightened

Some drivers think that over-tightening a sway bar decreases the body roll for you and further helps you have better stability; however, that notion is incorrect. A sway bar doesn’t create many effects, so correctly tightening helps it work properly.

But also, for the sway bar to perform properly, you should use end-link bushes as they act as main components. Making sure they are losing helps you take the road bumps for you and help the vehicle’s stability

It would be best if you also understood that the sway bar does not need to be tightened more than is required. If you tighten the sway bar more than expected, expect an increase of the understeer resulting in an increase of the body roll for you, opposite of what is expected for you on the front-wheel drive van.

That is why it is not advisable to tighten more than right, and the need to tighten it properly is highly valued. The operation helps the body roll and the understeer maintain the average vehicle stability when driving.

Disadvantages of over-tightening

Over-tightening the sway bar is not the only action that affects the comfort of your driving because there is a wide range of cons. An over-tight sway bar will result from issues affecting the safety of your vehicle and the understeer.

Furthermore, suspension causes more wear and tear and will be worn out within a short time, thus reducing the lifespan of the sway bar. This results in your vehicle having suspension problems, and as we all know, suspension accommodates lots of costs.

To avoid all those overwhelming costs, you should always ensure that the sway bar is fitted correctly as required, not too tight and too loose.

2. Loose sway bar

Although, it is hard to find a loose sway bar on the vehicle you are driving. The sway bar takes all the issues and road bumps for you to ensure you enjoy the expected comfort while driving.

So, allowing your sway bar to be loosely fitted, rest assured that that’s the start of your vehicle problems due to the off-roads and the bumps you will encounter.

That is why it is expected of you not to leave the sway bar more loosely fitted than expected. A loose sway bar results from you complaining about issues of comfort in suspension hence an increase in the understeer of the vehicle resulting in serious issues that you wouldn’t have wished for when driving.

It is advisable to ensure the sway bar is not loosened too much but at an optimum range of adjustment to ensure you get the desired comfort and safe driving.

3. Tips on Sway bar installation

A sway bar link is an important gadget in the car’s suspension system, and the sway bar can be affected greatly due to over-tightening. Below read and understand the vital tips for installing the MOOG bolt sway bar.

During the installation process of the sway bar MOOG bolt, it is good to prevent too much tightening of the bolt. MOOG bolt features comprise a self-locking barrel nut that usually does not compress like some standard bushings when tightened.

During the installation process, ensure you don’t tighten the bolt too much because it can incur too much stress causing it to break or crack. According to my research in this field, around 13-foot pounds of pressure is needed to tighten the nut. Besides using a torque wrench, you can use ways to tighten the bolt at optimum.

Signs of stabilizer bar wearing out

Signs of stabilizer bar wearing out

l. Noise from the tire

The sway bar links on the lower control arm are mostly found in cars and trucks in the United States. Clunking sound is mostly experienced as a problem that is usually found on the left and right front tires. If you are driving and you hear a rattling sound, then just know the stabilizer bar is affected. 

The stabilizer is required to fit properly, and the only movement heard should be of rubber bushings. If you hear clunking or rattling from the front end of your track, kindly contact a certified expert to troubleshoot the problem.

2. Bad handling

The stabilizer bar is usually positioned at the lower arm of the control vehicle. Loose steering and bad handling affect the vehicle when the wearing starts. However, the bushings can further result in more corrosion in cases where oil, grease, or other debris is embedded in the stabilizer bar.

The cause of all these issues is how the vehicle operates on the road. Always take care of your vehicle to prevent any hazardous effects.

3. Inspect if the tire needs replacement

To prevent tire replacement and suspension inspection, always visit an expert who will tell you what corrections are needed to correct the errors. The benefit of the mechanics checking your vehicle is that they look at all the areas of the front part like the brake pad, tire, and other areas. It is always advisable to replace the stabilizer bar and bushings altogether in the same period.

This helps the experts give correct front-end suspension alignment, which gets the suspension straight, helping the vehicle run safely, and the car tires wear evenly. The vehicle runs smoothly and straight as you have directed.

 For suspension operations and front tasks, it is good to seek help from a certified expert to help you replace the stabilizer bar. If you see the following signs in your vehicle, don’t hesitate to call for help from the mechanic.

Is this the reason for increasing the sway bar tension?

Is this the reason for increasing the sway bar tension

Towing is not an easy task. To ensure you have a moderate level of control for lateral motion, you must look at some considerations.

  • High speed during towing
  • Power steering
  • Terrain roads
  • Much load
  • Excess wind from sides
  • Tension adjustments

If you follow the following points and consider them, then the need to increase the tension of the sway kit is valued. A small clockwise turn should help you do the trick.

It is good to perform some inspections to help you to tune and do the road testing to be sure your vehicle is in good condition always. Grasp every content from the article to help you.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • How many times should you adjust the sand bar?

The sway bar fails after making approximately 1000 miles. You can then remove and clean it well using steel wool to erase all the dust you see. You can decide to reinstall when clean.


A better working sway control kit helps to enable a comfortable ride even in toeing environments. Using two bars and setting them to the desired form is always the best. When you are under a certified expert, doing the metalwork and welding for the sway bar is good. Don’t paint or lubricate the slide bar.

Lastly, there are things you should always have in mind to understand how a trailer sway should be. When you ensure the load is equally shared on the trailer, towing, nature of the road, and the weather conditions. Ask for help from a certified expert when in doubt.

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