Hellwig vs. Roadmaster Sway Bar- Quick Differences

Bringing an RV or camper on your travels can be incredibly beneficial. These vehicles are equipped with various features that guarantee you have a pleasing experience on your trip. Besides, you can install extra appliances for your convenience. ​However, when it concerns driving these around, they might be challenging to steer due to their great size.

 In light of this, manufacturers have developed sway bars that may be mounted on your car. While some companies may give a stock one to their customers, these will still provide adequate sway to make sharp corners difficult. This is why it is usually preferable to have a third-party sway bar installed on your car.

Hellwig and Roadmaster are two of the best manufacturers of these gadgets. You may be unsure of the difference between the two. Thankfully, this article will guide you on the differences between these sway bars. Read through it keenly for a better understanding.

What you need to know about Sway bars

What you need to know about Sway bars

Nowadays, most automobiles have a sway bar, and some even are designed with two. However, they should be referred to as an anti-sway / anti-roll bar. Contrary to its name, a sway bar’s purpose is to prevent your car from tilting/rolling over in corners.

You’ve probably experienced this sensation in your car when you drive into a corner, particularly at high speed, and the vehicle leans or rolls to the outside away from the bend as you navigate it. The concept behind a sway bar is to produce a twisting force to counteract that tendency by applying a load to the opposite side of the car and leveling it out, eliminating body roll.

Cost of a replacement Sway Bar

Sway bar kits can cost as little as $200 to thousands of dollars. It all relies on the make and model of your vehicle, the brand you purchase, and the level of quality you prefer.

Why would you want to install a Sway bar?

The purpose of a sway bar, attached either to both the front and the rear wheels, is to oppose the vehicle’s tendency to roll when it curves, thereby increasing grip and cornering stability. The purpose of the sway bar is to attempt to maintain even distribution of weight from side to side.

As a result, one can install the sway bar in the front or rear, or both, to minimize under and over-steer. Certain performance vehicles include adjustable sway bars that can be tightened or loosened depending on your preference; customizable sway bars are also available aftermarket.

How a Sway bar works

How a Sway bar works

A sway bar resists twisting forces exerted when one tire swings up or down relative to the other when weight shifts from one side of the car to the other – such as when rounding a corner. In such circumstances, the bar keeps the wheels level.

The sway bar joins your vehicle’s suspension components and is attached to the suspension system arms. Sway bars go through bushings to prevent them from moving up and down and just twisting.

Thus, as the car rounds a corner, the weight shifts to one side. As the wheel approaches the trunk, the sway bar twists, forcing the weight to the opposite side of the vehicle. As a result of this motion, the car tends to level out, reducing roll while cornering.

Further factors are at work here, including the other suspension components and the engineers’ goal when tuning the vehicle’s ride and handling qualities. Additionally, there will typically be a difference in the ‘stiffness’ of the front and rear sway bars. This is critical to understand because, in general, manufacturers seek a balance of comfort and performance.

When one wheel collides with a bump, a stiff (or thick) sway bar will attempt to oppose the wheel motion (up or down), resulting in an overly rigid and uncomfortable ride. Additionally, based on how the remaining suspension is set, you may notice the vehicle bucking off the bump.

Differences between Hellwig and Roadmaster Sway Bars

Hellwig vs. Roadmaster Sway Bar

Here is an overview of both sway bars;

1. Hellwig

Hellwig is a well-known manufacturer of sway bars and auxiliary springs for its customers. At the moment, the brand only offers these two products. However, you should be aware that these products come in various lines. Their official website has a listing of all their items.

By clicking on them, one should get more details, making it easier to choose. Remember to pick your vehicle’s model. This can help you identify appropriate merchandise for the model, saving you time and effort.

Additionally, customers can get two sway bars. One is designed to fit the front of the car, while the other is at the rear. You can buy both of them or simply one. Installing both sway bars is advised for a more stable driving experience. The installation process is simple and self-explanatory.

The method is better because it does not require extra openings in the car. The most incredible thing about Hellwig sway bars is their low costs. Compared to Roadmaster, these are cheaper. Given this, choosing Hellwig should enable you to save a lot of money.

2. Roadmaster

This is another company that specializes in the production of sway bars. Numerous types are available to fit a variety of automobiles. Considering that, the user can browse their ranges and then compare their vehicle’s parameters to locate a supporting bar.


When comparing the ratings of these brands, the findings are mainly identical. However, as previously said, Roadmaster sway bars are more expensive than Hellwig sway bars. Also, they have the advantage of being employed by some RV builders.

Apart from this, another disadvantage of employing Roadmaster bars is that they can be challenging to mount on your own. This is because the user needs to drill holes at the base of their car before installing the device. This may be straightforward, while others will require taking their motorhomes to a mechanic.

Both firms offer customer support for any issues that may arise with the gadgets. Additionally, they offer a warranty on their items, which implies that you can receive replacements in the event of a significant malfunction. However, there are some standards that you must observe. A list of them is accessible on both companies’ official websites.

Is Hellwig sway bars worth the money?

Is Hellwig sway bars worth the money

Without a doubt, Hellwig’s Big Wig is one of the most incredible sway bars for controlling this very deadly issue. Hellwig Products, situated in Visalia, California, has a well-deserved reputation for providing high-quality suspension products. As the name says, the Big Wig is substantial, weighing 45 pounds.

It is constructed of heat-treated 4140 Chromoly steel, which Hellwig claims has a 50% greater fatigue resistance than non-heat-treated ordinary steel bars. The Big Wig measures 1-5/16 inches in diameter and is powder-coated in an appealing deep grey, hammer-tone color.

All Hellwig items are produced in the United States and include a lifetime warranty. The brand manufactures front and rear sway bar kits for Ford, GM, and Ram heavy-duty vehicles. Thus, the Hellwig sway bars are worth the money.

Do upgraded sway bars make a difference?

Do upgraded sway bars make a difference

The critical distinctions between standard and upgraded sway bars are weight, stiffness, and adjustability. The answer to this is yes. Sway bars purchased aftermarket are frequently lighter, stronger, and have a greater adjustment range.

1. Where are Hellwig sway bars made?

Since 1946, Hellwig Products has manufactured high-quality, creative load management and sway control systems for state and global trucks, recreational vehicles, sports cars, vintage automobiles, and fleet vehicles.

 Hellwig has a solution to improve handling and tow, Whichever your application. Unlike most of its counterparts, Hellwig’s products are authentically created in the United States of America to an exceptional quality standard and come with a limited warranty.

2. Are stiffer sway bars better?

Stiffer sway bars can mimic the effect of more rigid suspension. The drive will be firmer, and the vehicle will react more quickly to road imperfections. However, a few modern automobiles provide a solution. For instance, the Mercedes GLE features Active Body Control. Active air suspension is used in the standard suspension and anti-roll bars.

However, if you want to enhance your car’s performance, stiffer sway bars can help. They eliminate body roll and inclination, resulting in a more responsive and stable driving experience. Moreover, they are reasonably priced.

While stiffer sway bars are beneficial for performance vehicles and those that carry or tow weights, anyone can modify their drive if they believe that sway bars provide a superior driving experience. However, stiffening the sway bars on a standard daily vehicle may exacerbate the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are the indications of a failing sway bar?

Answer: You most likely have a problem with the bearings or the sway bar linkages. Clunks, squeaks, scratching noises, or knocking noises may be noticed. Additionally, you may see a change in driving grip when cornering or experiencing a certain level of vibrations. However, these symptoms are not limited to malfunctioning sway bars and can be caused by other broken suspension components.

  • Can you drive a car with a damaged sway bar?

Answer: While the vehicle will still drive with malfunctioning sway bar components, you risk creating an unsafe situation. If you are confident that any element of the sway bar is defective and the vehicle is built to operate with one, you need to replace it immediately.


In conclusion, there is little evidence that Roadmaster’s sway bars are superior to Hellwig’s. This is why we would recommend choosing them. The only reason users might choose Roadmaster is if the bars are less expensive.

If you have difficulty locating a product that fits your motorhome, you can contact the supplier directly. The brands have a helpline dedicated to assisting users in finding products and resolving any issues that may arise.

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