How to Troubleshoot Freight Liner Tach and Speedometer Not Working

A vehicle to operate efficiently, you should ensure the freight liner tach and speedometer are in good condition every time. Freight liner tach and speedometer are the essential assets in the vehicle’s operation. It gives further notifications on the speed, RPMs, and many other critical performance metrics that help you to drive comfortably and safely.

Suppose you have been experiencing this problem for quite some time and have not found a permanent solution on how to repair the Freightliner speedometer and tach. Then, this is the best article for you. My article below will help you to understand how to troubleshoot the problem and the possible causes that lead to the problem.

After reading the article below, I believe you won’t allow a broken gauge or speedometer to destroy your Freightliner anymore. Follow my guide to enable you to sort the problem quickly. At the end of my article, I have provided solutions to the frequently asked questions and a conclusion just for your help.

Freightliner tach and speedometer not working

1. Reasons that lead to the speedometer not working

The wrong state speedometer will pose difficulty to the driver reading and knowing the speed they are running. The problem can cause the driver to be caught by police due to over-speeding and even result in an accident.

Below is a quick table showing the causes of a speedometer malfunctioning

Failure with the speedometer, cable, or gaugeCall for mechanical help from an expertCheck Amazon for the best  speedometers
A problem with the speed sensorReplace the speed sensor 
Loose connectionTighten loose connectionCheck for the best Freightliner tach on Amazon
Poor instrument clusterCorrect the instrument cluster 
Computer failureSeek help or replace the computer 
Freightliner tach and speedometer not working

The cable, sensor, and instrument cluster are the main aspects that result in the speedometer’s failure. No engine performance change and flashlights from the dashboard remain critical impacts of the speedometer failure. Remember, speedometer operations are signs of the problems, not the fundamental causes.

If you repair the speedometer, you should do the same on the odometer as their failure goes hand in hand. The tachometer and the speedometer should work together to ensure the vehicle’s exact speed is predetermined.

Inspect the Poor state sensors on the wheels caused by fault wheel bearings; replacement is always the best option. T

The speed sensors in the transmission should work properly, or they can cause severe problems to the drive train.

A lousy sensor also tampers with the tachometer’s performance, which results in speed sensor failure. A speed sensor is mainly advantageous and has moving parts that wear out after a certain period. If the legs have been tampered, drive train parts may be damaged too.

2. Reasons that lead to the Freightliner speedometer not working

Freightliner failure is sometimes caused by speed sensor wiring. Some indicators of a faulty Freightliner speedometer are Speeding and no lights.

Speedometer performance acts as a sign and is not the cause of the issues.

The problem also affects the trip meter, which results in its failure. 

For the gauges, sweep but do not give the exact speed. The odometer is also affected. In terms of correction, correct both speedometer and odometer simultaneously.

Freightliner speedometer failure shares most of its problems with what happens with the speedometer. And if the cause is not from a lousy transmission, expect more severe pain; hence, you need an expert to sort the problem. Speed reference requires being within limits or stilling, and the speed sensor requires to be appropriately calibrated.

A problem in the speedometer caused by bad transmission indicates another in the vehicle, addressed quickly.

3. How to know if a speedometer cable is faulty?

How to know if a speedometer cable is faulty

A faulty speedometer cable can be seen or felt by manually changing the cable’s positions. If the line is not stable, address the issue quickly.

If the speedometer cable is not showing any information, then replacement is needed. Poor wiring and sensor result in the speedometer showing wrong results. Install a new cluster if you see a stagnant change in the functionality of the speedometer. Identify the origin of the problem you are facing first. It helps you decide the best solution or even get quick help from an expert.

If the experts troubleshoot the problem with the speedometer cable, the adjustment helps it to work correctly. However, the problem is not shared. The line requires change. A mechanic should inspect the truck before taking off to ensure the speedometer operates efficiently.

If the experts troubleshoot the problem, speedometer sensor adjustment helps to work in the desired form. However, it is not a common problem. The sensor requires change. An expert should scrutinize the truck before taking off to ensure the speedometer is operating correctly.

If the experts correct a problem with the wiring harness, adjust it to work correctly. Even though it is not common, the sensor requires change. Allow the expert to inspect the vehicle and ensure the speedometer works effectively.

The mechanic will tell you if the issue is the speedometer cable wiring harness and sensor.

If the truck experts corrected an issue with the instrument cluster, adjusting helps work effectively. Even though it is not every day, the collection requires replacement. Scrutinize the truck before commencing to ensure the instrument cluster works in the desired form. It is good to be safe when operating with the machines.

4. How to know if the vehicle speed sensor wiring is faulty?

The dash identifies a faulty speed sensor because the communication between the sensors is not achieved. The speed sensor is affected if you see no lights and change is needed. The lack of sunlight on the dashboard indicates the lousy speed sensor.

In case of no signs of improvement in the performance of the vehicle and all the lights on, replacing odds on the cluster will help. If the expert has corrected the issue on the destroyed speed sensor wiring harness or the lousy state speedometer gauge, replace the speedometer sensor wiring harness.

Troubleshooting procedure

1. How to remove the speed sensor on a Freightliner Cascadia?

Troubleshooting procedure

The sensor speedometer is located in the brake pedal on a Freightliner Cascadia. The Freightliner chassis’s size is enormous, making it hard to identify the sensor. It was pushing the brake pedal a little resulting in the speedometer bouncing.

Taking it out is easy, carefully get to the sensor and unplug it. Most of the Caterpillar wiring diagram is online. The Cat diagram is evident compared to the Freightliner diagram, which is unclear. 

When removing the sensor, plug a new one onto the wiring harness and activate the track. In case of no signs of a speedometer needle, change the sensor to ensure correct connection. Safety of the user and good maintenance of the machines is valued.

If the speedometer changes position, the lights are always on, and there is no sign of the engine’s performance, adjust the instrument cluster.

2. Ways on how to fix a speedometer not working

A faulty speedometer is corrected by changing the cable, instrument cluster, and sensor. Speedometer sensor wiring is detected easily and should be inspected by an expert if issues are experienced. A mechanic should check to ensure the speedometer sensor operates well, and replacement is needed in case of no positive performance.

Speedometer and Freightliner tach are issues that go with the speedometer. If it is not operating due to lousy transmission, then severe matters are on the truck. Correct a fault gauge by installing a new instrument cluster. Remember, a defective instrument cluster mainly needs repair by the whole group. The cost of repair depends on what part requires to be addressed.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What sensor controls the speedometer?

A speed sensor is a device that informs you about your car’s speedometer at what speed you are traveling.


The location of the speedometers is one significant impact that has affected many users as they have to take their eyes from the road when operating them. Speeding at 70mph can result in an accident in that vehicle. In recent models, speedometers have been placed into a heads-up display just ahead of the driver’s view. Sometimes find the cause of the issue you are facing.

The speedometer is an essential asset in helping the running of the vehicle. Knowing the vehicle’s speed is helpful to everyone to help navigate the road safely. If you see a problem on your speedometer showing wrong results or the speedometer fails to operate, kindly pay a visit to the experts or a mechanic to help you solve the problem.

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