Easy Ways to Fix Flojet Macerator Pump Not Working

An RV is one of the greatest types of cars to take on camping excursions because they are lightweight and easy to transport. Many amenities are built inside them, including a bathroom, a bedroom, and a kitchen where you may prepare your own meals. With these, you can enjoy a relaxing vacation while yet feeling as if you are traveling in your own backyard.

However, it is important to remember that keeping your automobiles in good working order is as important. Cleaning the plumbing system of an RV is just as important as cleaning the engine, tires, and other equipment. Companies have developed technologies to make dealing with this process more convenient, which may be extremely frustrating.

The Flojet Pump is an example of a device that is simple to use and set up in most situations. A few people, however, have complained that the Flojet Macerator Pump is not functioning properly. With the help of this article, I’ll walk you through some troubleshooting methods that will assist you in resolving the problem.

How to know whether your macerator is working

How to know whether your macerator is working

Good eyes will help you see how well the macerator pump is working by looking through them. It should be able to detect indicators of back flushing or blockage in the system.

If you don’t want to stay and watch the process unfold, at the very least try to keep your ears close to the macerator pump. It is possible to have a blockage if you hear a high-pitched whine, which indicates that the macerator is running low on water.

Macerators consume a lot of energy, thus you run the danger of blowing fuses. When calculating the amount of power given by the RV battery or battery pack before purchasing a macerator pump, be extremely cautious.

By slicing up and dumping recycled papers straight into the trash system, the macerator helps to lessen the need for landfills. As a result of the short cycle periods, water and power usage can be reduced, which is another option to reduce environmental impact.

How a macerator pump works

How a macerator pump works

When discharging waste from your RV, a macerator pump might assist you in minimizing the mess. By grinding and crushing the larger particles, it lowers the waste to a slurry.

When pumping trash up an incline, this can be very useful. Simply, if you have a macerator pump, you have a greater number of options when it comes to obtaining disposal sites. The technique, as well as the benefits and drawbacks, change slightly depending on the type of macerator pump installed in your RV.

Separate units and permanent built-in macerators are the two kinds of macerator pumps that can be found on recreational vehicles (RVs). In addition, it is important to note that not all manufacturers are powered by electricity. For those who have a trustworthy backflow assembly to combine with them, hydraulic valves are an excellent option for them.

A macerator pump is essentially a garbage disposal device for your black water tank, and it is installed in your basement. It grinds up the waste, resulting in a waste product that is thinner and more fluid. Because of this, you may use smaller hoses and pump the waste over longer distances and at a steeper gradient without difficulty.

i. Make a connection between the pump and the sewage drainage point.

ii. Make a connection between the pump and the sewage drainage point.

iii. Connect the pump’s discharge pipe.

iv. The other end of the hose should be connected to the free disposal point.

v. You should connect the pump to an open outlet or, if possible, directly to your battery.

vi. Drain the water by opening the valve.

vii. Start the pump by pressing the start button.

viii. Remove the pump from service after the waste flow has ceased entirely.

ix. Return the toilet to its original position for a couple of seconds.

x. Return the pump to its normal operating condition.

xi. Repeat the two previous steps until only clean water is visible coming through the spouting.

Unlike many electric pumps for liquid, if you run the pump dry, you run the risk of damaging it. However, even some high-end macerators have this issue, which is quite widespread. After the flow has stopped, always switch off the pump to prevent damage.

In order to connect the RV sewer hose to its waste valve fitting, clear elbows should be purchased. Even though these aren’t always necessary, they’re a great precaution to have on hand. Visualizing the operation of the macerator pump through clear elbows will be beneficial. In order to detect back flushing or clogging, you should use this method.

How a macerator toilet works in an RV

How a macerator toilet works in an RV

When using a conventional American toilet, the waste and waste waters are drawn down and out of the washroom by gravity, which is located below the level of waste.

It is an up flush toilet system that directs waste to a receptacle in the wall or even behind after it has been flushed. Upon entering the container, a high-powered macerator knife works to liquefy the waste, which is then pumped out of the device through a pipe that connects to the main sewer line of your home.

These toilets are typically more expensive than a conventional American toilet, but they are less expensive than the cost of constructing and installing a brand-new piping system in order to install a toilet in your home.

Using macerator toilets as the primary toilet system for a large household or family is not recommended. This is due to the fact that if the pump is used every day, the whole day long, by multiple people, it can become overused and eventually fail.

How far an RV macerator can pump

Most saniflo toilets pump water vertically, up to a distance of 25 feet. This powerful device is no exception. The fact that this macerating motor can support a washer as well as a toilet, sink, showers, and/or bath can come in handy if you’d want to install a master suite rather than simply a toilet.

In a similar vein, can a macerator be installed on virtually any toilet? However, the macerator can only be used to service one toilet and no other bathroom fixtures such as a sink or shower. In order to connect the toilet, you will need a longer extension piece. A detachable wall panel behind the toilet must also be installed in order to be able to reach the tank in the event of a leak.

Generally, macerators are considered an additional 2nd toilet and are only intended to withstand a small amount of traffic. They should endure for at least 15 years, depending on the amount of traffic they receive. A macerator should last approximately 10 years in an average-sized home when used as the primary bathroom.

Reasons a macerator pump may not work

Flojet macerator pump not working

1. Black tank solidified

If the black tank in the vehicle’s toilet becomes cemented, this is a likely cause for the pump not to function. You will experience this if you have not cleaned out your tank for a long period of time. As a result, you should empty your tank on a regular basis to ensure that it is properly cleaned.

Hopefully, this will avoid similar problems from occurring in the future for your pump. However, if the issue has already happened, you will need to remove the entire pump, as well as the pathing that connects it.

The fact that there is no other way to clean the black tank can be rather aggravating, however. You can now reinstall your pump and it should begin running without any further issues once the device has been thoroughly cleaned and dried.

2. A motor that has failed

The motor on your Flojet Macerator Pump may also have failed, which is another possible cause of this issue. In certain cases, electrical faults might cause this to occur, while in others, the motor can simply fail due to wear and tear over time.

To determine if the problem was caused by our motor, you can troubleshoot the item and then have it replaced. Remove the old motor and make contact with the company to arrange for a replacement motor.

Depending on where you live, there may be some vendors who may provide you with the motor; however, you must first ensure that the motor is compatible with your vehicle before purchasing it. As a result, you will be less likely to have problems in the future.

3. Device or component that is not functioning properly.

Finally, if you have completed both of these methods and the problem still persists, it is possible that your device has become faulty. Alternatively, in some instances, the parts can be damaged as well.

You will need to refer to the instructions and test each and every component one by one. This may take some time, but you will eventually discover which component is causing the difficulty. You can, on the other hand, bring your equipment directly to the company, where they will inspect it for you.

They should also be able to supply you with solutions for the pump, and you should be able to have it repaired by them directly. If a person’s product is still covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, they may be eligible for a free replacement.


It comes down to personal preference whether or not to use a macerator pump. Not everyone is interested in taking on another piece of equipment that requires continual upkeep. Some people may not be aware of the dangers associated with the use of a macerator pump.

Alternatively, you can install a macerator pump in your toilet, which will turn everything into a slurry when you flush it.

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