Eternabond Tape vs. Flex Seal Tape – Details Comparison

Having a camper or RV on hand can be essential if you enjoy road vacations. These journeys necessitate a great deal of equipment to ensure your survival. This is accomplished by providing several amenities, one of which is the installation of furniture in the vehicle. It is necessary to keep in mind that your car may encounter some issues.

One of the most dangerous is experiencing a water leak in your motorhome. In this regard, Eternabond and Flex Seal Tapes are two products that address this issue. Eternabond and Flex tapes are excellent types of tape to cover sensitive areas. They are comparable and distinct in their various characteristics, including their performance.

It is essential to consider these tapes’ quality, long-term effectiveness, and type of construction before selecting them. We will use this guide to compare the two and help you decide which one to choose. The article elaborates on the distinct features of the two tapes and responds to various questions on the same. Read along keenly for a better understanding.

Comparison between Eternabond and Flex Seal Tapes

eternabond tape vs flex seal tape

Here is a quick comparison table between the two types;

Comparison featureEternabond TapeFlex Seal Tape
Durability when in useLong-term repair tape.Short-term repair tape.
Areas of applicationOnly minor cracks.It can be used to repair large cracks
AdhesionStrongQuite weak

1. Eternabond Tape

Eternabond is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most user-friendly sealants available. Sealants are classified primarily into two types: liquid solutions and tape. Tape sealing, such as those manufactured by Eternabond, can be applied simply by unrolling them.

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While waiting for the solution to dry is still required, this is not the case with the tapes. While most sealant solutions take several days to dry, the tape blocks the water immediately upon application. This is precisely why people utilize Eternabond tape to seal any leaks.

2. Flex Seal Tape

The Flex-Seal is a well-known tape brand that the manufacturer claims are exceptionally durable and waterproof. The product has a lot of consumers, all of whom have given it a favorable rating. Additionally, you’ll note that many people have shared videos demonstrating the product’s effectiveness. The marketing for this product has been spread across many social media sites.

Flex Tape is also reasonably cheap, and it adheres well to a variety of surfaces. It may take quite some time to fully bond, but it should entirely prevent water from entering. The primary concern expressed by the many customers is that the tape is a product intended to prevent water leaks.

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Eternabond, on the other end, is a sealer that is used to waterproof the roof of a camper. Eternabond has likewise been in the market for an extended period and retains an extraordinarily favorable rating. Due to the excellent performance of Eternabond, few users have tried the Flex Seal on their RVs.

Additionally, if the product is maintained correctly, it will endure a very long period. As long as you maintain a regular cleaning schedule for your vehicle roofing, your Eternabond sealant should last between 16 and 30 years. If you wish to try Flex Seal Tape, you can place an order and receive a sample.

Finally, consider how risky it might be if your vehicle develops a leak. It is always preferable to invest a little more to avoid having any problems with your RV

Similarities between Eternabond and Flex Seal Tapes

1. Both are waterproof

2. Both are compatible with most surfaces except plastic

3. Both have their best substitutes

What is comparable to Eternabond Tape?

What is comparable to Eternabond Tape

The most identical tape to Eternabond tape is the 4EvaSeal tape, which users may test and compare its performance. Two other types are comparable to Eternabond: Dicor Deal and Sika Multi Seal Plus. The various brands deliver the same functionality as 4EvaSeal’s long-lasting bond. 

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Eternabond features a variety of modes that can be used for the same intent or contrasting reasons. The two modes include Eternabond Roof Seal and the Eternabond RV seal. Based on laboratory findings analysis, the two products are evaluated and determined to be of satisfactory quality. A durable bond ought to be thin and economical.

The 4EvaSeal tape, thicker adhesion, is as good as the Eternabond tape. It is, therefore, a better waterproofing tape due to the following reasons:

  • The thick layer protects the tape from ultraviolet light, allowing it to work for a more extended period.
  • It also allows the adhesive to conform to irregular surfaces.
  • Finally, the waterproofing layer is responsible for sealing most leaks, perforations, and breaches.

It is essential to choose thicker layers because they will endure longer than thinner layers that are merely inexpensive but will not last.

4EvaSeal tape has higher tensile qualities than Eternabond tape. The tape’s tensile strength is determined by its thickness. The final feature is its adhesion, which is also superior to Eternabond tape.

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How long will the Eternabond Tape last?

How long will the Eternabond Tape last

The Eternabond tape is a typical tape that has been enhanced with micro sealant technology. Eternabond is an excellent long-term solution since it forms a permanent bond with the crack’s surface. The Eternabond tape should typically last more than 35 years; however, it cannot be used indefinitely.

In some circumstances, you can carefully remove the tape if you are satisfied with the purpose for which it was applied. When removing the tape after use, you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, including applying some heat to the tape to avoid harming the area where it was applied.

The Eternabond has a five-year shelf life; if you get a roll and cannot use it all at once, you can utilize the smaller quantity for eight years without encountering any complications.

The ideal applications for Eternabond tape are;

  • To repair roofs to avoid leaks.
  • To mend broken seams and leaks and,
  • To secure wires in tiny holes, preventing them from flapping.

What is better than Flex Tape?

What is better than Flex Tape

The Flex-Seal Tape is a thick sticky tape with a rubber backing. Many individuals encourage utilizing it since it forms a lasting bond with the areas it is applied to, is waterproof, and forms a strong bond. Flex seal tape is superior for minor crack repairs but is not entirely waterproof; therefore, you may choose to consider some other options.

The following are some advantageous characteristics of Flex tape:

i. It contains a rubberized surface that aids in the formation of a fit, resulting in enhanced waterproofing and adhesion.

ii. It is impenetrable to both water and air and can be used in any situation related to your activities.

iii. It is more suitable for underwater use.

iv. It’s compatible with a variety of household materials.

The main disadvantage of the Flex tape is that it cannot be used on plastic surfaces; it requires time to bind well, is not very strong, and should be cut rather than toned after use.

When looking for an alternative to Flex tape, consider the Gorilla Tape; both are excellent products, but gorilla tape is far preferable due to its excellent adhesive and waterproofing properties.

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The Gorilla Tape has the following characteristics:

  • It has a triple adhesion, which means that it will cling to the surface once applied. If you need to remove it from the applied surface, users must follow a few steps.
  • It is UV-protected and water-resistant, allowing it to perform well in even the most adverse weather conditions, surviving extreme temps without losing adhesion.
  • It attaches to most surfaces, so you won’t be worried about it when using it.
  • It is more vital than any other tape, which means that even if you interfere with its use, you can still detach and reposition the tape.

The only drawback of the Gorilla tape is that it retains a small amount of sticky adhesive after the tape is removed and does not adhere well to wet surfaces.

Can you seal over the Eternabond Tape?

One cannot seal over Eternabond tape because it is so flexible and intended for use in underwater environments that sealing it will render the character unusable for painting.


All of the tapes outlined above are suitable for covering cracks or any other roof surface. The article details the various types and their associated features, which you can use to compare and choose the best. In my opinion, I would recommend the Eternabond tape since it creates a permanent binding despite its high cost, in contrast to the Flex Seal Tape, which is cheaper but temporary.

When determining the best tape to use, ensure you consider the following variables; you are familiar with the RV’s structure, RV, strength, adhesion, and performance. The elements assist you in getting the best and most durable tape possible for sealing your roofing or any other surface.

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