Quick Differences Between Equal Flex vs. Morryde

The Equal flex and more are the best suspension systems of vehicles that you would choose for any type or form of recreation if you like hiking trips or camping. They are the best for such kinds of hiking and camping. But to reach the destination, one has to drive for a very long time before reaching the destination depending on the distance of the place you want to have your trip.

Driving ordinary and straightforward cars for a very long distance will require the standard cars to be modified so that anyone that wants to drive these cars for a very long distance will not get tired quickly. When you want to have the best driving during your drive, you will need to modify the car to have the best car drive. One of the most important things to consider to drive is to ensure that you modify your car accordingly. Therefore, to upgrade and modify, you should visit the best companies that will help you have the best car modification. The best companies that will give you the modification are Equa-flex and Morry.

These companies are the best for modifying your car according to your needs. The article will provide all the differences and similarities between these two companies. It will provide all the requirements to assist you in these two suspension systems.

Quick comparison table:

WeightlightweightHeavy in weight
ModelOnly one varietyHas several models
Life spanShort life spanDurable
Type of vehicles they useSmall vehiclesBig vehicles

Equal-flex vs. MORryde

1. Equal-flex

Equal-flex vs. MORryde

It is one of the most recommended and best suspension systems that will assist you in upgrading and modifying the interior of your car. It is mainly used in motorhomes and recreational vehicles. Equal-flex products come from the most popular company that manufactures the products of the Equa flex, known as the Lippert Components.

Before selecting the product, a few options are provided for you to select the best option that will work well for you. The brand provides you with the best options that you will choose from. But most of the features in this suspension might have some slight differences, but generally, one of the options will give the best features according to your opinion. One common thing that makes some differences in this suspension’s features is the material used in manufacturing the product.

The material used to make the suspension will determine the load that this device will support or withstand. Therefore if you are interested in Equa flex, you should make sure that you check on the weight of your vehicle before choosing the actual material to use. The weight of your vehicle will help you determine and select the correct product that will match or support your car’s weight.

The company also provides enough information on choosing a given suspension system. But can alternatively choose to purchase the whole kit instead of one with specific axles.The process will enable you to install the correct product in a vehicle with no compatibility problems which fastens the process of installing.

This kind of suspension is the best option for most people because it has an easy and fast installation process. Also, removing and taking out the hassle is simple when one reads and follows the manual correctly. One other advantage of this product is covered or wrapped with rubber. The rubber’s importance is to help absorb and reduce most of the shocks that your car gets when running into potholes or a bump. All these will help the users have the best experience when driving or using this kind of product.

2. MORryde

It is one of the most famous companies that manufacture the best and good quality suspension systems for their users. However, this is not the only product that the company makes sense of; they manufacture tons of different products.

The company also provides different varieties and options that users will choose from depending on the qualities and features. They offer you different options to choose from and select the best suitable suspension system. The company also has the CRE3000 model with the same features as the MORryde suspension system. This model has the same features and can work as another option when you don’t have the MORryde. The CRE3000 is also equipped with rubber to reduce and absorb any shock when the car is in motion.

The MORryde, the same as the Equa flex can reduce stress from your chassis frame when driving. It also can reduce and remove the most common shocks. When it comes to the installation process of the products, it is similar and easy to install. Both products are different. The user can install these companies when one follows the user manual, or you can take your car to the company to receive such services. But the most critical thing installing such products is that you should ensure that you are correctly installed and fitted because it is dangerous when it is not correctly fitted and installed. It is because the suspension will not be stable therefore cannot absorb some shocks as expected.

The difference between Equa flex and MORryde

The difference between Equa flex and MORryde

1. The MORryde device or product has had more total weight in general than the Equa flex. It has a total weight limit of more than 8000 pounds, but when it comes to the other model, it can only extend or have a  maximum of 6000 pounds.

2. The MORryde has model varieties that can be used both for tandems or triple wheelbase models, but the Equa flex primarily works on the tandems in most cases.

3. MORryde mainly works in big vehicles and cars because it is substantial since it can support more weight limits; therefore, it is the best option for oversized vehicles, especially those that go for long-distance travel. The Equal can also be used in big cars, but it is advisable to use them on small vehicles, especially those you can use in road trips, hiking, or camping.

4. The MORryde is more durable than the Equa flex only when you have installed and fit it correctly as expected by the company.

Similarities between the Equa flex and MORryde

Similarities between the Equa flex and MORryde

1. Both products can be used in upgrading both recreational and motorhome vehicles, therefore, helping in improving the comfortability of your car.

2. The two products are wrapped with a rubber band that helps reduce, prevent, and absorb any shock that you can have when it is in motion.

3. The two products can be used as a substitute for another only if they are correctly fitted. You must ensure that any type of the suspension that is fitted into your vehicle is correctly fitted so that the suspension will not wear faster.

4. In these two products, each has options with different features that will allow any user to choose a given option with the best features.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Which suspension is best for you?

The Equal flex is the best suspension for motorhomes and recreational vehicles that one would like to use in camping or hiking. Therefore when you want to have the best recreational cars, the best option or solution is Equa flex suspension.The Ryde suspension upgrade is also best for your needs.

  • How can you choose the best suspension?

Choosing or having the best-upgraded system will depend on the needs and services you want your vehicle to give you. For example, if you want a vehicle that you will use on road trips and other recreational stuff, the best option is the Equa flex. But when you want the upgrade that will be more durable and strong, it can withstand any wear and tear, and the MORryde products can be of good help. The best upgrade for heavy and oversized vehicles is the products of MORryde is the best option because it supports more weight than the equal flex.

  • How can you change the suspension?

When you want to change or upgrade the suspension system, the best way to do so is to go to the company to give you the best services on upgrading or changing your suspension. The best company in modifying and upgrading will ensure that you receive the best service. You can also do the replacement or the upgrade on your own by following the manufacturer’s instructions.


The article compares the two suspension products that will help you upgrade your vehicles. It also has differences and similarities between the two products. The MORryde and the Equa flex can give one the best upgrade suspension system for your vehicle. One can choose these products depending on any customer’s needs and options. The products are readily available to any customer who wants a given suspension with specific features.

Therefore choosing the best suitable suspension for your vehicle will depend on the quality of the product that your manufacturer will give. The best upgrade you choose will depend on the needs that you want your vehicle to give. You should check the best upgrade to your vehicle by choosing the best quality option which will sooth your needs and taste. Finally, choosing the system upgrade will depend on user needs and opinions.

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