The electric tongue jack is not working–what should be done

It is very awkward and cost-effective to match with an expert or a certified professional just for them to solve a simple problem that you can solve by yourself. That is the case for the electric trailer jack failing to work. Inspecting the primary ways to troubleshoot the process and saving you money and time is advisable.

However, the good news is that there are only not more than three available solutions to this issue. This comes when you fully charge the battery you will use in this process. The cause of the jack not receiving any power is a problem with the motor or the poor ground connection. It is good to use a meter to solve the issue.

In my article below, I will help to understand how the problem can be solved and the various causes that lead to the issue. If you have ever wondered how this can be solved, you have visited the right place. Get solutions in the frequently asked questions and the article’s conclusion.

The electric trailer jack is not working

electric tongue jack not working

From my experience, I can say that three main problems may result in the actual issue encountered. By giving an example, if you get no power running the whole system, it means that the battery is dead; the fuse blew, or maybe fault connection and corroded cables.

Issues such as a fault switch, a short in connection and the motor getting power indicates that the fault is not from the source. If the engine is at fault, you can only inspect it with the help of a jumper wire for safety precautions. Use a jump wire from the negative connection on the battery you are using to the negative terminal on the motor.

If the motor starts to work after doing all the wiring, then that is an indication that the ground wire you are using is faulty. In the case where the motor fails to operate, then you should buy a new engine. A problem in the contract is the replacement or correction of the holder.

Prevent raising the jack too high because it can touch the motor, further blowing a fuse. Let the jackstay down for just a few inches.

Look at the quick comparison table for reasons jack not working

IssuesSolutionsAmazon products
Lack of power in the motorCorrect the ground connectionCheck Amazon for the best RV jack
Faulty motorReplace the motorCheck Amazon for the best Atwood camper jack
Fault ground connectionCorrect the ground connection 

The camper jack is not going up

The camper jack is not going up

The manufacturer’s manual says that if the jack directs its core one way, the issue is not coming from the jack. The problem’s origin can be either due to the receiver or remote control box.

The documentation is from the Rieco-Titan jack system. Most of their models are built in that 8 fuses control the power supply, and if one fuse blows out, that can cause the same issue.

Running the motor when the jack is on creates a short in the control box or remote buttons. From the statements of the manual, it states that you take it back for testing if you find a problem.

If you see a sudden shutdown, inspect the motor to check if it is receiving power. The battery used could be affected due to defective, low voltage and corrosion, and cleaning it out would solve the issue.

Troubleshooting the problem is easy; you clean the corrosion, recharge the batteries and change for the new one.

The trailer jack won’t lower

The trailer jack won't lower

A series of similar issues cause this problem. If the jack varies in positions, that indicates a one-way problem that does not affect only one side.

Clutch is the second source of the issue you are getting. If there is no movement, you can make some rattling sound that shows the area is affected and is slipping. But the clutch is not repairable at all. You must go to the market and purchase a new clutch to solve the issue.

The power-head drive pin is another source of the issue you might be experiencing. The hook should be removed from the jack’s lower side and inside a groove at the highest part of the jack.

It would help if you got the power head and put the pin into the correct section to troubleshoot this problem. The power head should be replaced afterwards. Always ensure every team aligns up correctly.

Read the manufacturer’s specifications to check the fixing tips available. Remember that each model of RV has a different owner and design, and the troubleshooting is various.

How to troubleshoot electric jack not working

How to troubleshoot electric jack not working

It is primarily tiresome and choking when you have spent the whole to connect some things, and then one thing refuses to work as you expect. But if you know some of the best tips, it can solve the problem.

1. Ground current

A problem in the electric tongue not working because it is not adjusting indicates that the problem might be coming from the ground. Different issues can result in this problem varying from the model they built. To troubleshoot the ground problem and give a nice current flow, the jack can start working if you do the grounding correctly.

The first thing to do now is to check if the issue is coming from the ground by using the exposed grounded wire and connecting with the metal foot. By good luck, the electric jack starts operating after making contact, which means the problem was with the ground wire.

To solve this problem, you are required to inspect the rust and corroded parts in the connected components. The corresponding features are the A-frame and the bolts on the coupler.

It is good to ensure that all the rust and corroded parts are erased so that you can return the electric tongue jack to the correct position. The rust can be erased with the use of grinding paper. It is good because when the dust and corrosion are there, it tampers with the current flow.

2. Inspect Inline Fuse

An inline fuse is among the causes of the problem you face between the electric tongue jack and the battery. From the complaints reported is that the fuse usually is loose.

Thus, it tampers with the current flow to all the parts, causing the electric tongue jack not to start again. What you have to do is loop the wire in the fuse, and the problem is sorted.

If you run into this problem several times and the fuse misbehaves, purchase a new one. This helps the fuse to be positioned and remains intact sometimes. If it is blown out, buy another to return to its regular operation.

The fuse is generally inexpensive, and the replacement procedure is relatively easy. I believe that can’t be a problem for you.

3. Check the battery and the Capacity

The battery is among the primary sources of electric power. Lack of enough power in the electric tongue jack results in not operating. Some people can be complicated by the lighting up of the indicator.

You should consider that even if the light on the jack is lighting, it is not a sure deal that the electric jack has power. This is because the indicator light needs minimum power to light up.

Use the multimeter to check the amount of power supplied in the jack. This helps to prevent the voltages in the connectors and terminals. Sometimes you change the power source to know the exact origin of the problem.

If it is working correctly, but the problem is still on the jack, you have put many tasks for the electric tongue jack. Correct the issue by reducing the load on the trailer to the recommended weight.

Variations on the model or brand of the electric jack and the emergency crank can result in extension. The emergency crank is used in sticky and complex situations, using the manual crank to complete the work. From there, you can call a mechanic to solve the issue.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • How many types of electric tongue jack are there?

Jacks are of two types’ electric jack and manual jack. The electric jack is automatic, while the manual needs human labour.


As we all know, most machines have mechanical issues, which is why higher maintenance helps durability. If not solved within, problems can be stressful when you need them most. Solving all of these issues is solving the origin of the problem faced.

A problem with the loose connections or faulty fuse can be solved by fitting them correctly to their original position. Pain such as blown fuse, dead battery and broken wire needs replacement. If you can’t fix it, kindly seek help from a certified expert.

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