Can You Use Galvanized Pipe for Propane – You Should Need to Know

Propane is a gas that mostly works in construction sites where you need to have good storage for the gas. In this case, we need to know if you can use galvanized pipe for propane since the propane gas cannot work with all pipes as some are easy to get corrosions with them that you need certain materials to work with.

Therefore, consider checking on some factors you can major in when choosing the right pipe for propane. Before using the galvanized pipe with propane, check on the materials used to make the galvanized pipe. If they cannot rust easily, you can use them, but you cannot use them if they are of corrosive material.

Below are some of the descriptions of what you need to use the galvanized pipe. The article will discuss more on: What type of pipe is used for propane? Can you use regular galvanized pipe for gas? Do you use black pipe for propane? After that are the frequently asked questions, and lastly, the conclusion.

What type of pipe is used for propane?

can you use galvanized pipe for propane

In most cases, the pipe used for propane must be of either copper tubing or plastic polythene piping since they cannot rust easily, unlike the metallic components. However, the materials used in propane gas installation and storage vary from time to time since, in some cases, the users fail to recommend the copper pipes to use with the propane gas. All this is because you can use black iron pipes to install the propane gas.

Therefore, the best type of pipe to use with propane is copper tubings and plastic polythene. Copper is used with propane gas since most homesteads in rural areas use it for heating and lighting. You need to install the pipe on top of a foundation or underground with a service line that extends from its store to the house for safety purposes. The only issue with the copper material is that it can develop problems when you expose it to soils underground that are not compatible with it. In most cases, you need to check the soils before installing the pipe and ensure the soil lacks the sulfate and chloride levels that react with the copper tubing surface.

The importance of using copper is as follows:

1.     Copper is a relatively cheap material that you can use for service line composition

2.     It can form in long service line coils

3.     It is flexible that you can easily install it in the ground without destructions from the propane gas tank and the house when you compare it with the black pipe, which has requirements of about some degrees to cover the turnings and some destructions.

4.     It is cheap to maintain since its costs of operations are lower.

5.     It resists corrosion so that it can work for long.

There are measures too that you must take when using the copper pipes, which are as follows:

  • Check on the gas leaks such that if you feel any smell of the gas, consider turning off the gas supply and quit the area to report the issue with the leak. Consider staying away from the area until the leak has been repaired.
  • Keep away liquids and fluids that are easily flammable away from the propane gas supply area.
  • Identify the smell of the propane gas that you can easily know if there are leaks with it. The smell of the eggs includes rotten eggs, skunk spray or a dead animal.
  • Ensure you fill the tank so that fire risks are low when the gas is over when you are using the gas.

Can you use regular galvanized pipe for gas?

Can you use regular galvanized pipe for gas

Galvanized pipe for gas is not recommended for Nat gas lines since it is an iron pipe. Galvanized pipe is simply an iron or steel pipe with zinc coatings that protect the pipe from corrosions. When you use a  galvanized pipe, there are chances of reaction with the galvanized coating and the iron, which can cause some damages to the pipe, making it unsuitable with the propane gas.

However, galvanized pipes are good for using natural gas but not propane gas. Below are some of the reasons why you cannot use galvanized pipes for gas:

  • Galvanized pipes are made of poor quality, even though the galvanized pipes have no threat. When you ground them, galvanized pipes will corrode easily depending on the soil condition if they are acidic. Many areas are not compatible with galvanized pipes for gas piping, and you need to coat them with a steel pipe.

There are functions of the galvanized pipe for gas which are as follows:

  • It is ideal for carrying water but not for carrying gas.
  • It is more durable than using it for a longer time without having it damaged easily.

The only issue with galvanized pipes is that it has a zinc coating that is more expensive, increasing the user’s cost with galvanized pipes.

 Do you use black pipe for propane?

 Do you use black pipe for propane

Black pipes can be used to transport water and gas from their sources to the end-users. The black pipe is suitable for businesses and homesteads to help supply natural and propane gas. Below are some of the functions of the black pipe for propane gas:

1. It is best for fire sprinkler systems since it has a strong resistance to heating. That is why those individuals prefer heating and cooling water to the heat exchangers by using the black pipe.

2. It works best by connecting appliances to their supply source in the gas lines. In the draining lines, there is also the black pipe for heating piping and piping of the natural gas.

3.  It is cheaper since it lacks the zinc coatings that increase using a pipe.

4. It is best for use with gas since gasses do not cause corrosion when they contact the pipe, unlike when you use it for water purposes.

The black pipe is just the same as the galvanized pipes, except it lacks zinc coatings. Below are some of the differences between the galvanized and black pipes:

  • Black pipes are best for use when supplying gas content from the source to the end-user, while galvanized pipes are best for use when supplying water from one source to the end-user
  • Black pipes lack the coating that they are not durable, unlike the galvanized pipes that have a zinc coating which increases the pipe’s life cycle and makes it more resistant to corrosions and mineral deposits that can cause damages to them.
  • Black pipes are cheap and that anyone can afford, unlike the galvanized pipes that are expensive due to the zinc coating that has some added advantage to the pipe and prevents corrosion.

The similarity with the pipes is that both can carry water and gas, but they can do best. They are safer and very popular for use because most people use them with their activities. Both are made of steel components.

Can you use galvanized pipe for propane?

The answer to the question is, can you use galvanized pipe for propane? Is that yes. You can use the galvanized pipe to transport propane from the source to the end-user. However, the pipe is not recommended since it is best for the water supply. The only advantage of the galvanized pipe is that it has zinc coatings that prevent corrosion, making it more durable than when you use the pipe; it can serve you for many years.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Why is it not good to use galvanized pipes for propane gas?

Galvanized pipes help reduce the issue with flake-off and plugging of the orifices, which most gases nowadays lack the problems that you can use the galvanized pipes for functions above the ground.

  • Can one use the natural gas hose for propane?

Remember, you can only use natural gas and propane gas when working with activities outside the house or any buildings only. The natural gas hose is best for use outside, and you can never use them inside a house or place.

  • What is the best type of pipe to use for the gas line?

The best type of pipe to use for the gas line is steel, copper and brass materials. However, the choice of the materials depends on the place of use and the users’ preference.


Propane gas moves in yard lines that must have a pipe they can use for the movement. The pipes to use are copper pipes and polythene pipes that are best for transporting the propane gas to their destination. You can use some other materials apart from the copper that depends on the user. The article above discusses all the types of pipes to use, like copper, galvanized, and black pipes, which all work with the same purpose.

However, the pipes have differences in effectiveness and efficiency to choose the best. For example, the galvanized pipe can transport gas, but it is best for transporting water since it has a coating that prevents corrosion. Check on the best pipe you can use for the process, but I recommend copper piping since they are the best.

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