Can You Run the RV Air Conditioner on 15 Amps? – Complete Guide

If you have the air conditioner in your RV, you should know what amps are needed for the system. 15 and 20 amps circuit breakers are required to run your RV. But it is good to know if the connecting outlets are 15 or 20 amps. There are readings on the circuit breaker that show the measurements of the amps.

The good thing about the 20 amp circuit break is that it enables you to run all other small home appliances without blowing them. But when you use the 15 amps circuit breaker, there are high chances that the circuit breaker will break. Your RV should help you know how many amps the air conditioner wants.

Running a 15 amp or 20 amp circuit breaker needs high-skilled wiring of the system to prevent blowing out. You can read the owner’s manual to understand what is required of you. If you find difficulty connecting, seek help from a certified expert to help connect and avoid any issues.

Are 15 amps enough for an air conditioner?

Can You Run the RV Air Conditioner on 15 Amps

Knowing the electrical requirements before purchasing an RV air conditioner is a significant step. It is even better to know that electrical appliances like RV air conditioners have more power than home appliances. This is because of the more tasks they perform to work correctly.

115,125 and 220 volts are several ratings available for RV air conditioners. Their amperes ratings run from 15 to 20 amperes of current. The last two lower voltages ratings mainly occur in small units, and large units have a higher rating. When the ratings are above 15000 BTUs, they require a 220-volt circuit to run the process.

An RV air conditioner with smaller units with 15 amperes and 115 voltages runs a standard home outlet because we have small power-consuming appliances at home. In higher units with higher energy needs, influential consumers handle the current produced.

When you want to replace your RV air conditioner, you must look at some critical aspects before purchasing a compatible machine. Some of the characteristics include wattage, voltage, and ports. Take note of that before making any order.

The ports are usually listed by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), giving out the appearance and the best cable to be inserted. Extension cords are sometimes applicable, but the compatible one is the best option. Before using your window RV air conditioner, kindly check the wattage, voltage, and amperage use. Moreover, this acts as a safety measure for your gadgets.

  • They are correctly wired and installed.

A 20 amp circuit helps you run all the small gadgets available in the RV simultaneously without damaging the circuit breaker. Using a 15 amp circuit for AC is not advisable and safe, but its capability


  • Not adequately connected and installed

Using a 20 amp circuit breaker is not advisable because the chances of burning your house are there. The same applies to the 15 amp circuit breaker because if you were trying to run any gadgets within the same blowing period, the chances of the circuit breaker blowing are high.

If the RV you are using has more than one AC unit consuming 12 amps on every 20 amp circuit breaker, this is unsafe and can cause severe injuries to you and your property. It is not advisable to try. In most areas in North America, this connection is prohibited. Seek help from a verified expert to help you.

If the RV you are using has more than one AC unit consuming 12 amps on every 15 amp circuit, this is unsafe and can cause severe damage to you and your property. It is not good to do it by yourself. That is the reason most parts of North America are prohibited. For more information on how the connection works, seek help from a verified person.

How many amps does it take to run an RV air conditioner?

How many amps does it take to run an RV air conditioner

A user using an RV AC will sometimes wonder how much amps your machine will consume. For instance, you, as the user, like spending most of your time operating on the device is good to know to bring more comfort to you. The reason behind this is that you are able to keep your electrical equipment. And so, ensuring the right amount of electricity is the deal.

Shore power helps you to run machines like RV AC, television, toaster, microwave, and other electrical equipment. Others refer to 12-volt systems. This works together with the inverter. Every person using the electrical appliances should be able to know how much amperage each machine can consume.

Knowing the amount of amperage used by your electrical appliances in the vehicle can help prevent the tripping of circuit breakers. Remember, most of these kinds of cars are wired to a 30 or 50-amp help desk. Provided you are using electric power in your vehicle; it consumes large currents that come from the shore power pedestal of a 120-volt. Reading the manufacturer’s manual to understand and get the exact values is good. 

Can you run a 13500 BTU air conditioner on 15 amps?

Different BTU values of the RV air conditioners in comparison with amps and watts

BTU valuesStarting wattsRun-up wattsAmperes needed
50001250-1450350-4504 Amps
70001550-1750550-7505 Amps
100001850-2050600-7008.5 Amps
135002650-28501050-125010 Amps
150003350-35501350-165010-165 Amps

The connection is possible, but nothing more than you should expect because the wires you are using will heat up, consuming the maximum amperes recorded; hence even fires can erupt. It is always advisable for safety to plug your RV air conditioner into the compatible 50/50 or 30/30.

The first thing to do is to identify if the connecting outlet is 15 or 20 amps. To know this, just check the circuit breaker and see the measurements. From my experience, I can say to prevent damage to your home appliances, use a 20-amp.

You can decide to calculate the amperage of the RV air conditioner. After that, do the conversion using the different adapters. For example, if you want to convert 60 amperes RV, use 30 amperes male to 60 amperes female adapter. Then, complete the connection by plugging into the electrical outlet with the help of a heavy extension cord I use with the RV air conditioners.

Can you run a 30 amp RV on 15 amps?

Can you run a 30 amp RV on 15 amps

This is possible using a 30 and a15-amp 125 Volt Straight Adapter. A fifteen amperes outlet can produce a maximum of 15 amperes electric current, not 30 amperes, which many people misinterpret too. Because when you use a 30 amperes connection, you are doing what is called over-current.

When using the 30 amps and 15 amps outlet, the device forces the 15 amps outlet to produce 30 amps which are not required. The wires and the outlet can only handle 15 amps; any more can cause burning. For safety and proper equipment maintenance, it is advisable not to do so at any cost because it can destroy the whole system.

Sometimes if you have to use the equipment, then it is good you convert your 30 amps to 15 amps service. After that, then you can connect directly to the standard three-prong plug. The 30 amperes RV needs a 30a female to 15a male. It is good to disconnect the 30 amp plug from the generator port.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Is it possible to add Freon to the RV air conditioner?

When you open the charge valve, allow the Freon to get into the air conditioner for about a minute. Gently close and open after a minute to see the gauge observation. To reach the expected temperature level in your RV, do it several times to attain it.


After reading my article above, you will understand how the 15 amperes can run the RV air conditioner. Moreover, the amount of current needed to activate the RV AC. It is good to know the recent power your machine will need before powering it, or else it can cause damage.

Reading the manufacturer’s specifications is advisable to help you have a more straightforward operation. And also help you find a suitable and compatible replacement for your appliances. In case of a poor connection, contact for help from an expert to help you connect and do the link. 

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