Can You Flat Tow a Volkswagen Beetle? – Beetle Towing Techniques

Towing is required for Volkswagen Beetle automobiles to enhance their drive performance and mitigate various additional dangers that could damage the vehicle. When driving, it is a good idea to tow your vehicle for vehicle maintenance.

One can tow their vehicle in various ways, such as flat towing, dolly two towing, and trailer towing. Dolly and flat towing are the most often used approaches since they are economical and compatible with smaller vehicles.

This article elaborates on the various methods of towing the vehicle by addressing some of the critical questions. For instance, by the end of the article, we will determine whether it’s possible to flat tow your VW Beetle or not. I have also compiled the best responses to the FAQs. Finally, find a quick table on the various techniques to tow your VW Beetle.

Is it possible to flat tow your Volkswagen?

can you flat tow a volkswagen beetle

Before embarking on a trip in which you will flat tow your Volkswagen, it is prudent to consult the vehicle’s instruction manual. The manual should be able to tell you clearly if your car can be flat towed.

If your user manual does not recommend flat towing and you are convinced it is capable, you need to contact a mechanic shop. Your local mechanic can adequately evaluate your vehicle. Even if the manufacturer’s instructions do not advocate it, your technician may be able to adapt your vehicle to allow for safe towing.

If you are concerned about flat towing, even though your mechanic indicates that it should be safe, you can also follow the manufacturer’s advice and not flat tow the vehicle. If you prefer to flat-tow a not equipped car for the task, you must first modify it. Modifications to the car should alleviate your concerns since they will enable your vehicle to be easily flat towed.

The disadvantage of towing any vehicle that was not meant for it is the added expense of modifications. Based on what your car needs to be appropriately towed, you may spend significantly more than you anticipated.

Volkswagen Beetle towing techniques

There are various techniques to tow the Volkswagen Beetle. Here is a quick table;

TechniqueFunctionEssential product
Dolly towIt works well with manual transmission automobiles and is also reasonably priced.Check this Road master tow bar from Amazon.
TrailerOnly suitable for large trucks 
Flat towingCompatible with automatic transmission vehicles.Check the Demco classic base plate kit from Amazon.

How do you tow a Volkswagen Beetle?

How do you tow a Volkswagen Beetle

Consider the following measures if you want to tow a Volkswagen Beetle:

i. Secure your Volkswagen Beetle to a tow bar to every passenger seat, shift into neutral on a manual transmission, press the power switch, and disengage the parking brake. The accessory function will be activated, and the steering lock disconnected throughout the procedure.

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ii. Using the passenger side door, enter the vehicle and press the power button again, whereby the ignition switches to the accessory mode and the wheels unlock. Pressing the start button disables the accessory mode. Since the steering wheel is still open, it must be tested by turning it.

iii. Exit the vehicle through the passenger’s door and ensure that you are not facing the doors with the FOB, as this will cause the steering lock to engage.

iv. To guarantee the Volkswagen Beetle follows the coach and that you are comfortable with the method, take a short ride in the tow vehicle. To try the wheel, you can decide to steer it by twisting.

Can a 2012 VW Beetle be flat towed?

Can a 2012 VW Beetle be flat towed

Flat towing was a widespread practice in the years preceding 2012, and it worked well without any challenges. However, the 2012 model includes more enhancements than the previous version. When towing, you’ll need to build a car with additional seats as well as a manual transmission in accordance with the new Volkswagen Beetle.

There are some complications regarding towing the new vehicle, as the Blue Ox comes equipped with a towing base plate. Hence, with the car, try to see whether it has a top speed of five; this is the average speed for pulling, and at more incredible speeds, you may accomplish flat towing with it. Try flat towing the automobiles only when they are manual transmissions.

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The last way of towing a car is flat towing. Here, the car’s entire wheelbase is in contact with the surface. The approach requires using a tow bar tool, which has several advantages when pulling. The toolbars make it quick and straightforward to attach and disconnect the vehicle.

The best item is the self-aligning receiver tow bar fitted on the vehicle. The receiver may be adjusted from multiple angles, allowing for alternative towing methods. Due to the wear on tires caused by flat towing, they become worn out. Consider detaching the drive shafts while towing cars with two wheels using the flat towing technique, which is typical.

Can you tow a VW bug with a tow dolly?

Can you tow a VW bug with a tow dolly

Yes, one can use a tow dolly to tow the VW bug. A tow dolly is the quickest and safest form of transportation, and it is pretty cheap to acquire. Numerous towing techniques are available, including flat towing, trailer towing, and dolly pulling.

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Flat towing allows for increased mileage and reduces the danger associated with the vehicle. The approach requires cutting holes in the car’s front panel, as the towing bar system is a costly tool that is only used in limited circumstances. Therefore, when towing the VW, it is essential to ensure that you use the tools specifically for the car; if you wish to use it with another type, you will have to get an additional, costly tool.

You can tow the vehicle using a trailer, which is substantially more costly than any other technique since it is only effective with large trucks and multiple vehicles. In this scenario, a car dolly is a perfect alternative for transporting the Volkswagen Beetle since it helps transport the vehicle safely and securely, alleviating any user concerns.

Tow Dolly enables the user to easily tow the car, whether on the road or home. The approach requires only a small amount of space. The dolly tow is ideal for any travels you intend to take and can offer additional safety for your vehicle. It can either protect your car from unexpected dangers or inflict damage to the vehicle while traveling.

The ideal towing tool is the Demco Kar Kaddy X Tow Dolly, which features disc brakes compatible with the Beetle. The dolly features a hydraulic brake system that boosts braking power, and there is no need for a trailer brake controller since the brake is controlled via a surge brake actuator mounted on the dolly’s coupler.

Can you flat tow a 2006 Volkswagen Beetle?

Yes, depending on the method of operation, a 2006 Volkswagen Beetle can be flat towed. If the vehicle is equipped with an automatic gearbox, the only method to tow it is with a dolly, as the manufacturer recommends. However, if the vehicle has a manual transmission, flat towing is an option as long as the vehicle’s speed is limited.

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Consider obtaining the towing tool, which is pricey, to flat tow the 2006 VW Beetle. Demco’s classic base plate kit is the ideal tool to utilize in this instance. Consult the manufacturer’s manual to determine the optimal tools for the car’s operations.

Check the Demco classic base plate kit from Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What types of vehicles are flat towed?

Answer: Flat towing requires a manual transmission vehicle. If your manual gearbox vehicle has a four-wheel drive, you can tow it without encountering any difficulties. It is more difficult with an automatic transmission. The output shaft is responsible for lubrication.

If your automatic gearbox is lubricated through the input shaft, you will be unable to tow without making adjustments or adding additional items to cool and lube the transmission. Always consult your local mechanic if you want to tow an automatic vehicle with an input shaft.


Flat towing a VW is a widespread practice that most users prefer adopting in order to extend the lifespan of their vehicles as they run. This article has demonstrated how to tow a car and addresses some common queries about towing a car.

Carefully consider going through the article to see whether you can work with towing tools and identify the various forms of towing available. To determine which kind of towing and towing equipment to use with your vehicle, consult the manufacturer’s manual, as it contains all of the specifications for your vehicle.

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