Can a Toy Hauler Carry a Car? – You Should Need to Know

Using a toy hauler is the best option if you want to take your family on a trip and use your car for the journey. It is sometimes hard to rent a car for some days in a rustic place in case you do not use your vehicle. Most toy haulers merge the luxury of an RV using the practicality of a towable garage.

Using a toy hauler to carry a car is popular among outdoors enthusiasts who prefer taking ATVs, boats, and bikes. Lightweight and compact cars are mostly preferred to be used in toy haulers. Traveling with your toy hauler is essential to help you to rest or park the car in the backside of your RV in rural places where there are no quality hotels.

The car fits in the garage and holds under the weight rating of the toy hauler and its ramp. It is the right place to learn how to toy hauler cars. I have narrated all the critical points for you to know how it works. Don’t forget to read the answers to the frequently asked questions and the article’s conclusion to get an overview.

Can a Toy hauler carry a car?

Can a Toy hauler carry a car

A toy hauler is suitable for transporting lightweight vehicles like bikes, motorcycles, and golf carts. There is a capability of parking a small car in the toy hauler. It was initially built for 4-wheel quad ATVs. However, not all vehicles can be parked in an RV, but there are small-sized lightweight cars that can fit well in the toy hauler.

The cars parked in the toy hauler’s garage mostly depend on the width, height, and weight of both the car and the toy hauler.

This idea is about the relationship between the car and the toy hauler. Before placing an order on the toy hauler, understand some of the critical points I have written below about the toy haulers. Check amazon for the best toy hauler accessories.

How many types of toy haulers are there?

How many types of toy haulers are there

RV is mainly used for off-road trips and family picnics. Additionally, there are five types of toy haulers available in the market. Every class has a unique model and size. But when you go to the market, it is good to purchase an RV, depending on your requirements. The styles are named below:

A travel trailer is just a standard form of motorhome RV. You were primarily used for recreational trips. The different types of toy haulers are not distinguished from each other. That indicates that the garage, main room, and kitchen are not separate. That is why you can use a larger space for the available rooms. You can use the toy hauler in two sections if you park your car outside. However, the crucial thing about the RV is that it has no toilet.

1. Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler

The fifth wheel RV is the largest toy hauler. It provides ample space, primarily situated in the vehicle’s front section. It has a different room for garage services. The passage in which it is utilized for parking is more extensive than other models.

If you own a car, you can load one  or even park more than two cars, provided they are small. The RV has a large rigger ramp door and a quality floor that can withstand heavy weight. Apart from that, it has a large storage capacity that helps you keep anything you wish.

2. Cargo Trailer Toy Hauler

A cargo trailer toy hauler is used to transport vehicles from one destination to another. The type usually differs from other trailers because the toy hauler has no free space. The cargo trailer is known chiefly for ample storage space. I recommend you go for this RV if you want a lot of garage space.

Two doors are present in the motorhome. One is a small door, primarily used by humans and small loads only, while the big door is used to load or unload large-sized products. This toy hauler is used primarily to transport the RV to another place. The RV is good for business.

3. Class A Toy Hauler

Class A toy hauler is like a bus. It has an engine positioned in the rear section of the RV. That is the reason many refer to it as pushers. Class A motorhomes are giant toy haulers. The living space and the storage area are all large. The front area of the toy hauler is flat with a strong windshield.

That is the reason the front glass is more secure. There is a method to locate the source of power. If the engine of the RV is positioned in the front section, it is powered by gas. If the engine of the RV is placed in the rear compartment, it is powered by diesel.

4. Class C Toy Hauler

The class C type is similar to a truck or a pickup van. The presence of the box over the engine enables a person to rest there. In this scenario, the engine is positioned at the front. Class C is minor as compared to class A. Apart from that, class C has more luxury than class A.

The exact amount of weight you can load in a toy hauler?

Every model of the RV has a different size. That is the reason they vary in terms of holding weights. One tends to carry heavier loads than the other. Some of the RVs have quality walls and floors to withstand the weight. They are more potent than other toy haulers.

Hence, it is tough to acknowledge the exact weight required transported by all motorhomes. But I can say that both the RVs can transport a weight ranging around 4000 lbs. That is why if you need to transport heavy objects, you should choose giant toy haulers. Check amazon for the best toy hauler lights.

Which cars can fit in a toy hauler?

The RVs are not so large that they can accommodate every vehicle. Hence, it is good to understand the article’s details before purchasing a car. Suppose you are planning to park the car in the motorhome. The RVs accommodate most of the tiny, intelligent vehicles; however, there are small cars that get into the toy haulers.

Below are some small car types that can park in the fifth-wheel toy haulers garage space.

CarLength in inchesDiameter in inchesWeight in lbs.
Smart Fortwo105.160.42045
Toyota IQ121.167.11898
Flat 500115.951.01095
Chevy Spark138.659.862248
Mitsubishi Mirage150.464.62090

Which toy haulers have ample parking space?

There are so many RVs available in the market. Every model is built to be used by different people. But if you are searching for an RV for an oversized garage or parking a car, you require a larger motorhome. Below are some of the models that help to manage space in RV.

Toy haulerLength in inchesWidth in inches
Grand Design Momentum 398M45’9”8’6”
KZ Venom 4020DQ44’4”9’4”
Keystone Fuzion 41344’9’6”
Heartland Torque Fifth Wheels Toy Hauler43’11”9’5”
Heartland Cyclone CY400545’9’5”

How vast is the opening on a toy hauler?

How vast is the opening on a toy hauler

Owning an oversized garage is reasonable, provided the door is also wide to allow large-sized loads to get in. Most of the motorhomes have garages that are around “97”. The diameter of the opening is mostly a few inches and sometimes a bit narrower.

However, many manufacturers do not specify the exact measurements for garage openings in their features list. If you are loading the required car, possibly you have no issue fitting it. Check amazon for the best toy hauler leveling blocks.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Can a jeep fit in a toy hauler?

Yes, you can fit the jeep vehicle in a toy hauler. Provided the toy hauler’s garage length, diameter and height are spaced enough, it can withstand the weight adequately.

  • What is the exact amount of weight can you put in a toy hauler

Many fifth-wheel RVs transport a capacity of around 4,000 lbs. Small RVs like pop-ups and minis can support about 2,000 kg.

  • Can you sleep in a toy hauler?

The work of the toy haulers is open; they can do ant tasks such as carrying motorcycles, dirt bikes, and golf carts. However, you should also note that the RV is a master room and sleeping one in many models.

  •  Can you put a boat in a toy hauler?

An RV can transport a boat provided the storage space available can accommodate the ship on measurements like height and width.


RVs are vital in every aspect. If you want to travel to rural areas using your car, it is good to go with your RV too. You can use your toy hauler for business deals, and you can also sleep. You can further park your small vehicles there.

Nowadays, there are so many different toy haulers, and each class has a unique size. From the article, you can get the best knowledge on motorhomes, and the information I have leaked can help you make the right choice on a toy hauler. 

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