Bulletproof Hitches vs. B&W – Complete Guide

BulletProof and B&W hitches are both varieties of hitches that aid in the towing process. Since the hitches serve the same purpose, most individuals find difficulties differentiating them and inquire about their similarities and differences.

As a result, the hitches have differences and similarities in their characteristics, and one stands out even when the rest of the parts are nearly identical. The distinctions may be found in their sorts, stowing capacity, security, and size, which you must match to your car.

The following article elaborates on some of the distinct features between the hitches and addresses various questions. The article also contains a quick comparison table between the two hitches. Find the best responses to the commonly asked questions on the hitches. Let’s get started;

A quick comparison table between BulletProof and B&W Hitches

Comparison featureBulletProof hitchesB&W hitches
SizeUtilizes the shank size compatible with the vehicle.The size is customizable and can fit any body size.
StowingIt cannot be bestowed.It is capable of bestowing.
Hitch typeTwo-ball heavy-duty hitch.Three-ball heavy-duty hitch.
AttachmentsEquipped with a pintle attachment.It is not equipped with a pintle.

Are BulletProof hitches any good?

bulletproof hitches vs b&w

Bulletproof hitches are effective for usage as long as the trap is the appropriate size for your vehicle. To use bulletproof hitches, there are various steps that you need to follow. These steps include;

1. Take measurements of the receiver tube’s opening to determine the shank size for your vehicle. Shanks should measure between two, two, and a half, and three inches in length. However, three inches is only applicable to certain vehicles, so you have to be cautious about the model of vehicle you have and how you intend to utilize it.

2. Please park your vehicle on a level surface to ensure it is balanced and take measurements from the base to the bottom of the receiver tube, noting the measurements for later use.

3.  After obtaining the results, you can now determine the appropriate size of the bulletproof hitch for your vehicle and select it for use.

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Common towing mistakes

Common towing mistakes

Very few individuals tow their automobiles and clearly understand what they require. Failure to perform proper towing results in several other issues with the car, which you should avoid during the towing process.

The following are among the common towing errors:

a) Vehicle overload

When operating any vehicle, whether a light truck or a huge truck, opt to load the vehicle appropriately for its size. Thus, if you have a load, try distributing the item in the vehicle, which may include placing the heavier items in the front end of the vehicle.

 Improper load balance can affect how the car performs on the road. After balancing the vehicle, you’ll need a bulletproof hitch with an effective sway control system that reduces trailer sway when towing with larger vehicles, hence improving the towing process and making it safer.

Not to mention the sideways, make sure they are balanced, as unbalanced sides are unsafe as they may result in the car flipping while running. As a result, ensure that everything in the vehicle is in the proper position to provide a comfortable ride.

b) Improper tire pressure

Consider checking your vehicle’s tire pressure before embarking on any drive. Bear in mind that driving a car with inflated tires is risky, and thus, you need to consult the manufacturer’s manual to determine the exact pressure required for your vehicle. Avoid excessive strain on your car, but always consider adding some pressure after a certain time in the vehicle.

c) The trailer coupler and hitch are set incorrectly

Before towing, it is good to check for all automotive parts and confirm they are in their appropriate places in the vehicle. The checking process mitigates the dangers of tire blowouts and other vehicle malfunctions.

There are various ways to determine whether or not the components in the car are in good condition, including the following:

  • Assemble the pins appropriately to ensure that everything is linked properly after aligning everything and placing the coupler on top. The pins will self-adhere to the hitch that attaches the receiver tubing and ball to the channel.
  • Cross the safety chains to create a gap between them and prevent them from touching the ground.
  • Check the brakes to confirm they are working properly; the brakes will engage if the car is disconnected.
  • After connecting the vehicle to the power source, check that all lights are functioning and test the wiring with the brakes.

d) Lubrication

Neglecting to lubricate the hitch and coupler does not always lead to failure of the towing process; rather, it results in friction, which is detrimental to the vehicle. Due to the fact that friction can cause significant damage to the trap and coupler, most bulletproof users advocate applying a thin layer of anti-friction oil to all towing balls.

Towing requires individuals to use all of their abilities and knowledge to have a positive experience. It only takes one to remember a few safety measures that most people overlook and assure their safety.

Are B&W Hitches worth it?

Are B&W Hitches worth it

B&W hitches are essential to consider because they offer unique sensations that you may prefer.

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 Several of the B&W characteristics are listed below:

  • They are repositionable

The hitch can be adjusted, and all you have to do is pull two pins to unlock the two and stow mechanism, which provides multiple height options. To adjust the location of the hitches, invert the tow and stow it with the receiver. This feature enables you to select the proper size hitch for your car.

  • It stows itself beneath the bumper

You are not always towing or stowing while you have your car. When not in use during the towing procedure, you may conveniently keep tows beneath the bumper to keep them away from the garage door and the shins.

  • It features balls of various sizes

Multiple balls on the hitch allow for towing and stowing, accommodating all vehicle coupler sizes.

  • It is secured.

The hitch includes stow and tow features, which ensure that it cannot be stolen because once locked to the vehicle’s receiver, nobody can remove the swingarm unless the lock is opened. The slide pin retains the swingarm’s position, which improves the swingarm’s contact with the hitch.

  • It comes with a lifetime warranty

Selecting this type of hitch is essential because the manufacturer’s warranty covers it for repairs and replacements.

Which hitch is the strongest?

The strongest hitch to utilize is a class five hitch, such as the bulletproof or B&W hitch. When making your selection, consider the additional elements that contribute to their differentiation and the important factors to you. Both pitfalls come with a lifetime warranty, which entitles you to free repairs or replacements from the manufacturer.

Therefore, in this situation, consider employing the B&W hitch as the strongest option because it also has other benefits, such as being towed and secure for use.

Do BulletProof hitches rattle?

Yes, bulletproof hitches often rattle due to the couple’s excessive motions. However, there are still solutions to remedy the rattle in your hitch. The following are some of the necessary steps:

  • Grease the hitch to avoid friction that can result in rattling.
  • Utilize ball coverings to keep the ball from corroding, decreasing rattling while towing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can one reduce the noise produced by the pintle hitch?

Answer: To reduce the noise generated by the pintle hitch, consider boring and tapping the receiver tube’s bottom so that the present bolt can apply strain to the insert when used with the ball hitch.

  • Which type of hitch is most frequently used?

Answer: By far, the most popular type of truck hitch is the rear receiver hitch. This kind of trailer hitch is multifunctional and can be utilized for various applications. The standard rear receiver hitch features a square receiver tube into which various items can be inserted.

Wrap up

Any vehicle’s hitch assists in towing the vehicle, increasing its speed and efficiency. As a result, you need to examine the ideal hitches for the functions discussed in this article: the bulletproof and B&W hitches. The article has detailed their significant distinctions and, further on, their functioning. Kindly go through it keenly to obtain the precise information you require about the hitches.

When selecting the proper hitches for towing your automobile, consult the manufacturer’s guide and purchase what the vehicle manufacturer recommends. However, you can use the B&W because it has certain beneficial aspects that you can use for your vehicles, such as security and adaptable strength.

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