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People all over the other parts of the country use cars and other vehicles for various purposes.  In contrast, some people use vehicles to visit places of their wish during the holiday seasons to fulfill the freedom of movement.  You can personally decide to do other vital tasks using a tow bar to pull trailers and cars.

When you purchase, some vehicles come with an in-built tow bar attached to the car, while others have to install the tow bar.  There are many tow bar options available in the market today.  Visit the nearest local shop near you or make an order online to get a tow bar.  However, making one choice out of two tow bars is complex, and you need to have some specifications.

Blue ox and Roadmaster are among the best companies producing quality tow bar models for you.  The type of tow you choose depends on the task you will be doing.  However, you might be stuck out of the two companies which comes first for higher quality tow bar production.  After reading the following, you will be able to understand the functions of the two and make a personal difference from what you have learned.

Quick comparison table for both Blue ox and Roadmaster

FeaturesBlue oxRoadmaster
Tow bar rating10,000 lbs.10,000 lbs.
Weight42 lbs.42 lbs.
WarrantyThree yearsTwo years

Differences between blue ox and Roadmaster

blue ox vs roadmaster

1. Roadmaster

Roadmaster is a well-known company that sells two bars, mounting brackets, and other vehicle-related appliances.  You visit the brand’s website to get all of the apparatus provided for sale.  There are various tabs indicated, and you can choose the one that varies with the product you want to buy.

When you press more for information about a specific appliance, the website will drop some valuable points about the product.  I believe you will get all the crucial specifications of the product you want available.  You can further read to understand which are some of the appliances compatible with other trailers.

The products sold in the market are well designed and manufactured.  Remember, the durability of your appliance comes from quality and superior materials.

The rating of the products produced by the company is fantastic.  I believe users will find no reason to complain.

The only difference between the Roadmaster and the Blue ox is the appearance of the old Blue ox, which is more attractive than the Roadmaster.  However, it is not a big difference when disregarding the arrival of the appliances as they function best in their respective fields.

2. Blue Ox

Blue Ox

Blue Ox is one of the best companies that make and plan tow bars for vehicles.  The company has won a choice award from magazine readers since the company started working.  The products released by the company have a higher performance and improve the user’s experience.  The company’s hardware is perfect and straightforward to handle.

The company has provided an update over the years to improve its production.  The update is done after receiving comments from happy and unsatisfied clients who bought the product.  Check amazon for a quality blue ox brake system.

The Roadmaster helps the users with various types of tows that work with other vehicle appliances.  Whereas the Blue Ox focuses on releasing the best tow bars they can make.

Cc the company’s website to get more information about the product and services.  The website has the specifications for trailer towing types and flat towing.  The website allows you to read about a particular product and get a formidable outcome.

After selecting the page, it will drive you to the specifications, such as the weight range required that tow can take.  It is correct to make the right choice depending on the appliance you will use for the towing procedure before making an order for yourself.

Additionally, you can visit their store to check for the tows physically to help you make the right choice.  Blue Ox helps its customers with an installation manual that gives step-by-step guides on installing the product correctly.

After reading the guide, it is effortless to implement and install all the appliances properly.  In case you meet with a problem on the way, ask for help from the manual provided online.  Besides, Blue Ox company provides users with a three-year warranty on most of its products, which you claim in case of failure by calling or texting the helpline.

Product specification between the Blue Ox and Roadmaster


  • The company has a tow bar made of aluminum
  • The hitch mount style of 8000 lbs.
  • The telescoping of the company firmly fits the roadmaster baseline.
  • The brand has a non-binding plate that is directly connected
  • The stores on the RV are referred to as Roadmaster

The product is a sleek aluminum tow bar built for MX and EZ5 base plate purposes.  Light Emitting Diodes line the arm of the most prominent view.  A big hookup radius and hassle-free latches enable it to connect and release.  It comprises the safety cables.

Blue Ox

  • The company has a tow bar made of steel
  • The hitch mount style is 10000 lbs.
  • The telescoping of the company firmly fits the Blue Ox base plates
  • The brand has a non-binding plate
  • The stores on the RV are referred to as Blue Ox

The product is a hitch-mounted tow bar that allows you to protect the flat tow of the heavy-duty truck or SUV on the following excursion.  Non-binding latches make disconnects simpler without considering the terrain’s angle.  It is good to fold neatly against the RV you use for simple storage.

Similarities between blue ox and Roadmaster

Blue Ox and Roadmaster companies have a powder coat as the paint finish to secure the outer parts properly.  Both skins are in a powdery state to help in the product look.

Blue Ox company has a tow bar rating of around 10,000 lbs.  The number is identical for all of the Roadmaster tow bar ratings.  The ratings indicate power in the products.

Both blue box products and roadmaster products have the same weight.  Most of the two companies’ products have an approximate weight of 42 lbs.

Blue Ox Tow Bar Problems

Blue Ox Tow Bar Problems

1. Tow Bar is coming loose

Losing a bar is critical and should be addressed quickly before a problem erupts.  Always inspect the tow bar condition to maintain high performance.  The hitching system is connected firmly by the small pins.  Remember, if the following system gets tampered the whole system will be affected.

Correct this issue by buying a new pin from Blue Ox and do the replacement before a problem erupts.

2. Use a lock nut

Just buy a new lock nut to correct an issue with the nuts.  If you want the best luck nut, visit the websites online to get a quality lock nut.  Always keep your tow bar locked without putting many considerations on the screws.  Check amazon for the best lock nuts.

3. The Tow Bar is getting damaged.

Mostly difficult to note such a problem; however, you can identify it due to the company’s design.  The issues are fixable; if not, call for help from an expert.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Will Blue Ox tow bar work with Roadmaster base plate?

Mount the Roadmaster baseplate to your Blue Ox Aventa II Tow Bar.  You require the roadmaster Base Plate to Blue Ox and Demco Tow Bar Adapter.

  • Can you back up with a Roadmaster tow bar?

It is not advisable to back up the motorhome with a towed vehicle.  Backing up using a towed vehicle connected will result in the car jackknifing, which causes damage to the tow bar, the receiver hitch, baseplate, and the vehicle’s front and rear of the motorhome.

  • Is the tow bar interchangeable?

The answer is no.  From my experience, I recommend interchanging the tow bar with another car.  Furthermore, it is unsafe to do so.

  • What is the most prominent Indian motorcycle?

Indian Thunderstrokes 116-1890 ccs

It has a V-Twin separating 116 cubic inches or 1890 ccs. Primarily present in Roadmaster, Chieftain and Springfield trim known as Limited and Dark Hose.


When choosing between the best companies, it is good to do some research on how the two brands work.  It is critical to choose a product that matches the specification a person wants.  More so, the company’s unique features over the other help your personal needs with the product you want.

Read manufacturers’ manuals offline and online to help you make the desired choice.  The presence of online sources will help you to get the best product possible.  If you find any issues, seek help from an expert or visit any brand shop near.

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