Differences Between 454 vs 350 – Which One Is Best for You?

A 454 engine is a big block engine that outputs more power and is perfect in cars and trucks. Forged steel crankshaft and connecting rods, forged aluminum pistons, and cast-iron blocks are used in a 454 engine. A 350 engine is a Chevy small block and has 350 cubic inches of area, taking up air and fuel.

 It is mainly applied in sedans, sports cars, trucks, and later worked in V8 vehicles. A 454 is filled with 7.4 liters of fuel and possibly works best in heavy vehicles like trucks.

 In drag racing vehicles, 454 is better even to your foot. In a 350, it consumes 5.7 liters of fuel and works best in lightweight vehicles like cars. My article below has explained how a 454 and 350 engine work and how it is suited in different types of vehicles, followed by frequently asked questions, and finally, the summary of the whole article.

Quick comparison table:

powerHas more powerHas less power
Availability of partsRarely availableReadily available

Which is better, a 454 or a 350?

454 vs 350

A 454 and 350 are two critical engines created by Chevrolet, and choosing the best for your vehicle depends on the functionality you are going to assign them.

When you need an engine for drag racing cars, a 454  is the best option for your function because the amount of torque produced is excellent and the noise heard is best compared to that of a 350 engine. Remember, a 454 engine is heavy and needs to be used over long distances.

The 350 is best if you want a used vehicle daily because it is lighter than a 454. The 350 motors tend to work best since they don’t have a lot of weight. Finally, both 454 and 350 engines are efficient, and either of the two is great as a sports car.  

  • Power

A 454 and a 350 engines are both good when properly used and maintained. As we all know, a 454 deals with heavy loads and heavy trucks, and it consumes a horsepower not more than 650. But in a V-8 pickup assembly industry, it is rated at 230 horsepower.

A 350 Chevy engine is rated 195 horsepower with a compression ratio of 8.5. So basically, determining the horsepower of a rated 454 engine is more powerful than a 350.

  • Cost

Due the size and shape of the 454 engine with cranks, pistons and rods make it capable of consuming good cash.

Depending on what a 350 engine will look like, the cost ranges from low to high in the specifications you have.

  • Durability

A 454 engine and a 350 are durable depending on how you use and manage them. Maintenance helps a lot. Too much care with your engines, the better, and that’s how long they last.

  • Availability of spare parts

Due to the heavy parts a 454 engine contains, its parts are not readily available anymore, so its expressivity makes it not found in most places.

A 350 engine has expensive parts but is readily available in most areas because most people tend to use the engine compared to the 454 one.

  • Application

Heavy engines are used in heavy-moving vehicles such as tracts and tractors to run and carry heavy loads. It also consumes high power due to the work it performs.

Light engines tend to support light cars that do not perform heavy tasks. The vehicles include light cars. It leads to lower consumption of power compared to a 454 engine.

  • Compatibility

In terms of compatibility, different engines match with various devices because the manufacturer’s specification is always different with different engines and the terms vary at most.

Just follow the manufacturer’s specification for better working of your installed devices to the engine as it poses safety and avoids damage to the engines.

  • Ease of installation

Installing engines is not as easy, I can say, because you should have enough knowledge on how the engines work and function to be able to complete the connection between them.

I mean that both 454 and 350 engines are only easy to install if you understand very well how the machines work properly. If that is not the case, you cannot install and be faster to seek the help of an expert.

How much horsepower is a 454?

How much horsepower is a 454
  • Horsepower system

Step 1

Check power output needed

 The performance in place determines the power to run the vehicles, and thus, it supports more than 500 horsepower. The help of the rods, pistons, and crankshafts enable high-performance vehicles.

Step 2

Power the 454 blocks and ensure internal rotating

them to ensure that the high output is produced. Firmly attached clearances are avoided at any cost. Better information works best to terminate the specifications and the clearances of rods, crank, and piston.

  • Air system

Step 1

Choose an airflow head cylinder.

It ensures that high horsepower is received from the engines. The manufacturer’s production does not mean that the high horsepower is met because vendors produce quality options for the engines.

Ahead with 300 cc allows higher engine horsepower and will result in high RPM airflow. Smaller heads will produce lower RPM resulting in high power in them.

Step 2

Choose a compatible camshaft.

A compatible RPM range is mainly used and preferred. Some engines run up to 6500 RPM, and it requires a compatible camshaft that is smaller and larger. Race application engines have 6000 RPM, which produces high horsepower when the application is more dense, so cam does not perform well in street engines.

What kind of gas mileage does a 454 get?

What kind of gas mileage does a 454 get

A 454 engine is an old big-block engine mostly available in Chevrolet light vehicles and trucks. For high speed and torque, the 454 engine manages eight cylinders. I am using the cylinders, and the significant bore results in terrible gas mileage.

The engine circulates approximately 13 mpg, which results in it working correctly. Reducing the gas mileage when sacrificing for the engine’s performance requires expensive and complex changes in the engine.

Step 1

  • Replace a high flow with the current filter

Many manufacturers make a long-lasting air filter found in many auto shops and markets. Carefully remove the initial by removing the screws and installing the new device into the engine. If the connectivity is done successfully, expect your engine to work more appropriately.

Step 2

  • Remove the plugs

Always install compatible spark plugs, which are available in many auto shops. To avoid connection when connecting, remove one cable at a time when replacing to save time also.

Step 3

  • Lower the idle speed to the last point

It is always connected to the throttle cable. While adjusting the screws, you should follow the tachometer carefully to reach the exact level. If you are in poses of a tachometer, use sound effects from the idle. Ensure the sound is higher quality than you expect to attain accurate results. 

Step 4

  • Tuning process

Ensure the carburetors mix well with the air and fuel available to avoid splitting into outer parts of the engine. If the splitting occurs, clean the dirt as first as possible to increase how it works with their mileage. Remember, high engine maintenance will always provide high performance to you.

Maintaining air pressure in your vehicle enables the manufacturer’s specifications to be met. Higher tire pressure makes a lower drag that removes less fuel. Remember to check the tire pressure regularly.

Is the Chevy 454 a good engine?

Is the Chevy 454 a good engine

The Chevy 454 is a good engine if you need something to output high power and be compatible with cars and trucks. The advantage of the engine is that it allows the upgrade for more functionality in the system.

Their performance and good compatibility have led them to be available in most markets today as many people prefer to buy them. You can also decide to make an engine from scratch when you decide to buy the parts of the engines and even perfectly if connected well.

As we all know, everything that has the good also has side effects, and in our case, in a 454 engine to work efficiently, you have to find adequate cooling for it. There is a side effect for the engines that work for quite a long time and tend to get so hot that they need a coolant like a radiator to cool the engines when hot to prevent burning out.

Frequently asked questions:

  • In a 454 engine which was their best year?

In 1970 versions, Chevrolet produced a more powerful 454 engine, with the LS5 putting out approximately 400 horsepower and the LS6 producing roughly 500 horsepower.


The article above must have helped you understand the difference between the 454 and the 350 and basically how they work in different vehicles. Comparing the horsepower, they output the work they perform and different applications and fields they apply to achieve higher results for our vehicles.

You should be able to make some connections by yourself. In some cases, you might find difficulties in the connection or failure to understand how the engines have specifications on different engines. Try and contact a qualified expert who understands well to help you.

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